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RiverWatch Housing Association  

February 2013 Board Meeting MINUTES 



Date: February 25, 2013 Monday 

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: CRAFT Room moved to the Social Room 


1.     Call to Order – 7:00 pm 

2.     Establish Quorum – Present: Ed Z, Bill P, Kathleen R, Evelyn C, Manager: Sue M 

3.     Read or waive and approve meeting notes from Jan. 30, 2013 Kathleen Motioned, Bill 2nd Notes from January are Minutes. 

4.     Financial report  

4.1.  Delinquencies – Total delinquent fees are currently $37,361.66 – Two equally almost $10,000 are having “sale” movement (meaning fees to be paid soon, hopefully) 

5.     Violation Status – Sue continues monitoring and notifying violators.  Most are correcting issues quickly – other’s, not so much. 

5.1.  March 18th there will be three new fines if not corrected. 

5.2.  Lawn replacement violator needs landscaper recommendation (on landscapers letterhead) for reason why waiting to replace a dead lawn.  

6.     Old Business 

6.1.  Storm Drain from Pasco – Attorney said right of way looks good.  From all information and experience we have, this is a win, win, win for all.  Bill motioned to sign and give our “go-ahead” Evelyn 2nd.  All present confirmed. 

6.2.  Concrete pillars and metal railings – 13 north side, 20 south side to be replaced.  All to be painted. Selected contractor RPM … Evelyn motion, Kathleen 2nd. All present agree. 

6.2.1.     see also 6.6          Selected contractor (RPM) gave an overview of the projects.  Once this project starts, it will be approximately three weeks until finished. 

6.3.  Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – erosion? (Jose said he requested dirt from owners) Continue to next meeting.
Wall south of our entrance – leaning – Three courses of wall reset in alignment. (Completed by RPM) 

6.4.  Playground Posts so swings can be re-installed – Final & Last Leg done – Swings?  Was supposed to be done, but there is STILL a leg that is clearly marked as broken.  This has been continuing since Feb 2nd 2012 …  Contact lawyer time?  Ask company.  Neil (of RPM) will take a look at the post as well.  (Ed has the swings) 

6.5.  Dock Area: 

6.5.1.     Boat Launch Pavers – Ed said that as long as boater followed the rules of the ramp and boating, the pavers as they are, are fine. 

6.5.2.     Low water level pole.  RPM to get us a bid. 

6.5.3.     Dock pilings being eaten away?  Jan C (marine biologist) to take a look. 

6.6.  Gazebo’s need to be re-painted.  Since the rails and posts will all need to be painted and so does the gazebo tops – is this the time to do it all?  See 6.2 – White rust removal, treatment to stop further issues, power wash inside (remove muddawbers) Repaint blocks gray.  

6.7.  RiverWatch sign at the entrance – RPM will excavate the area in question to see what we are dealing with. 

6.8.  Collision at Entrance – damage.  Working with insurance agent. 

7.     New Business 

7.1.  Commercial vehicle parking overnight on the street (stains where parked due to leaking fluids)  Ask attorney, when can we tow. 

7.1.1.     Add to FAQ (create an FAQ) 

7.1.2.     Get license number of vehicle, phone number of company – call company and explain our policy – vehicle will be towed next?   

7.2.  Crime Watch 

7.2.1.     Riverwatch Crime Watch Director ~ Maria ~ I will get with her for her contact information as to post or not. 

7.2.2.     Riverwatch Crime Watch Meeting ~ Tuesday March 26th 2013 ~ Tarpon Springs Police Department ~ 7pm  

7.2.3.     Petty cash fund of $50 – Bill motion, Evelyn 2nd … Sue said Monarch would donate mailing labels. 

8.     Manager’s Report 

8.1.  Notice of dismissal and discharge of Lis Pendens – start foreclosure?  Yes.  Unless HOA dues paid. 

9.     Architectural Report – one home painting and adding storm shutters (it is getting to be that time of year again) 

9.1.  NEED VOLUNTEERS for the committee !!! 

10.  Beautification Committee  

10.1.                 Emergency access poles (by playground) leaning badly.  Neil (of RPM) to take a look and make recommendation.  

10.2.                 Entrance trees – still working on this issue (find previous links to recommended trees for our area)  PALM Trees ~ How about some Palm Trees? 

10.3.                 Cindy met with Rocky of Palm Harbor Landscaping 

10.4.                 Nik’s needs to grind down the stump of the tree cut down that lifted the wooden fence (south side of entrance, before curve – when entering) 

10.5.                 City of Tarpon Springs is responsible for clean-up of wrecks, and weekly (?) barrier take-down (put back-up) repair. 

11.  Board of Director Comments 

11.1.                 Contractor Lien Release? RPM pays for materials upfront so work and the materials in that work is Riverwatchs once RPM is paid. 

11.2.                 Next meeting – March 18th is our ANNUAL meeting (FEB 2014 for next one)  This is when we elect our Board of Directors for the next year. 

12.  Open Questions From the Floor 

12.1.                 Insurance – what do we have?  We have liability insurance, NOT property insurance.  Why do we not have property insurance?  Cost. 

12.1.1.  Sue to get bids for property insurance, what it covers, how much, etc. 

12.1.2.  Next meeting we will go over risk versus cost. 

13.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Bill   Second: Kathleen   Time: 8:04 pm 





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