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RiverWatch Housing Association  

March 2013 Board Meeting Working Notes 



Date: March 18, 2013 Monday 

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


Annual Meeting Agenda


1.     Roll call, Certification of Proxies and Declaration of Quorum. 7:08pm all board members present (Ed Z, Bill P, Evelyn C, Kathleen R, Frank H ~ Monarch: Sue & assistant). 12 community members present - 35 proxies - total of 47 ... we have a quorum. 

2.     Proof of meeting notes - done, sue has. 

3.     Disposal of Minutes of Last Annual Member’s Meeting.  Last year we tried for a quorum for three months, no “annual meeting held (see notes from last year: http://www.tarponriverwatch.com/2012-meetings.html). 

4.     Report of Officers and Committees.   

5.     Old Business – During Regular Meeting (this was determined years ago since THESE notes are not ratified until NEXT year.) 

6.     New Business – During Regular Meeting (this was determined years ago since THESE notes are not ratified until NEXT year.) 

7.     Open Floor for Nominations – none nominated from the floor. 

8.     Candidates have read and agree to abide by the Association’s Documents. Yes. 

9.     Introduction of candidates and Question and Answer period. 

9.1.  Ed Z – has been a Riverwatch community member since almost the beginning of Riverwatch.  His desire is for a peaceful, harmonious and quiet community.  Long-time board member.  

9.2.  Bill P – Keeping property values up is very important.  Keep area clean and maintained.  Long-time board member. 

9.3.  Evelyn C – Updates TarponRiverWatch to keep community members updated.  Long-term board member. 

9.4.  Kathleen R – Enjoys our community, walking it regularly, and likes Riverwatch to be consistent.  Board member couple of years. 

9.5.  Frank H – Retired Fire Department Captain, active in our community.  Board member couple of years. 

9.6.  Mark R – Desire to maintain our community, providing quick results in a professional manner.  Never been on the board. 

9.7.  Jaros K – Feels things in the community take too long to get completed.  He has had yard care equipment and tools stolen and wants to assist our community to be safer.  Would like to have the community gated if possible, and or security cameras installed. 

9.7.1.     Feels we should work together or quit.  Life is too short. 

10.  Collection and Counting of Votes – Pat D & Monarch Assistant counted and verified ballots and vote count. 

10.1.                 Five (5) positions are open on the Board and are filled by top five votes. 

10.1.1.  Frank H 

10.1.2.  Kathleen R 

10.1.3.  Mark R 

10.1.4.  Ed Z 

10.1.5.  Evelyn C 

11.  Appoint 2014 Nominating Committee 

11.1.                 Goal is three members (Board member (chairman) and two community members) 

11.1.1.  No volunteers at the meeting – Evelyn to update website with Come ONE, Come ALL to BE On the Board 2014. 

12.  Open Floor Discussion 

12.1.                 Thank You Bill P for all the time you have given (and will continue to give) to our community.  It is community members such as Bill P that ensure we have an awesome neighborhood. 

13.  Adjournment of 2013 Annual Meeting of the Members.  7:31 pm 

Board Re-Organizational Meeting Agenda 

(Immediately following Annual Meeting) 

1. Call to order – 7:31 pm 

2. Election of Chairman of the meeting – Evelyn nominated (since taking notes) 

3. Election of Officers (Nominated – Motioned~2nd)   

a. President – Ed Z – Frank – Mark (yes) 

b. Vice President – Evelyn – Frank – Mark (yes) 

c. Secretary – Evelyn – Ed – Mark (yes – can Evelyn hold two positions, docs address, check) 

d. Treasurer – Kathleen – Evelyn – Frank (yes) 

e. Director – Frank H & Mark R 

         4. Adjourn Meeting – Time:  7:33 pm 


REGULAR Monthly Meeting 

1.     Call to Order – 7:34 pm 

2.     Establish Quorum – All Present 

3.     Read or waive and approve meeting notes from Feb. 25, 2013 … Kathleen motioned, Frank 2nd … Feb meeting notes are minutes. 

4.     Financial report – actual financials can be gotten from Sue. 

4.1.  Delinquencies of the delinquencies we have there are four with movement.  The amounts that are listed on the estoppels are significantly less than the amounts owed.  Sue said all fees are broken out individually.  Sue said she would get us the break-outs. 

4.1.1.     Estoppel – what is and how does it affect our community? 

5.     Violation Status – there will be three coming in for fining if they are not corrected by the April meeting. 

5.1.  Currently violations are done using spreadsheets.  Each road has a separate spreadsheet.  Evelyn asked if the spreadsheets can be combined into a single workbook with tabs for streets and areas. 

5.1.1.     Ed said tabs are confusing …  

6.     Old Business 

6.1.  Storm Drain from Pasco – no updates (move to “parking lot” so when we have movement we can be updated at the meeting.) 

6.2.  Concrete pillars and metal railings – RPM  

6.3.  Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – erosion?  Jose said this is not their wall … how is this not their wall?  THEY BUILT IT.  They HAD to build it to be able to build Riverwatch center.  Before receiving the Certificate of Occupancy, the wall had to be built.  http://www.tarponriverwatch.com/2008-08-18.html   (See 6.5)
~ Do we need to have a survey done? 

6.4.  Playground Posts so swings can be re-installed.  YES !!! Swings can be re-installed. 

6.4.1.     Sunday 9 am, meeting at the playground to put up the swings, then walk the wall between Riverwatch and Riverwatch Center. 

6.5.  Dock – Wednesday or Thursday the low water level markers will be “installed”  The markers all seem very “self-explanatory” 

6.6.  Gazebo’s – there is a list with all of the work that is to be done.  Evelyn will work on re-typing and getting it posted on the website. 

6.7.  RiverWatch sign at the entrance – could it possibly be a broken sprinkler?  Checking on this possibility while waiting on further excavation (3/25) 

6.8.  Collision at Entrance – damage – going back and forth with insurance adjuster.  Needs better pictures of the damage to the tree. 

6.9.  Commercial vehicle parking overnight – tool truck is moved (?) 

7.     New Business 

7.1.  Parking On The Street Overnight – glossed over as being 6.9 … NOT 6.9 … cars are parking on the street overnight and pictures will be gotten for violations. 

7.2.  Signage for meetings (last one stolen) 

8.     Manager’s Report 

8.1.  Foreclosure – nothing on this. 

8.2.  Stump between Boat Club and Riverwatch has been ground down. 

8.3.  Replacement of the fence – looking at replacing with PVC and we will not need to address for many, many more years.  Looking at colors and rather to do south AND northside.  Discussion ensued – we have the money, do the right thing and replace both at the same time. 

8.3.1.     Evelyn Motion – Kathleen 2nd – passed. 

8.4.  Emergency access poles between Riverwatch Blvd & Anclote Vista … To clean up and make both sides uniform AND able to be removed in an emergency.  $732 bid – Evelyn Motioned, Frank 2nd – passed.  

9.     Architectural Report - nothing 

10.  Beautification Committee – working  

10.1.                 Landscaping company submitted plans to totally revamp our entrance. 

10.1.1.  Looking at hardiness of plants, etc.  Need links to suggested plants. 

11.  Board of Director Comments – thank you to ALL members who have volunteered for our community; past, present & future.  

12.  Open Questions From the Floor 

12.1.                 Can the OLD boat club sign (terrible condition) be removed?  Call code enforcement – links to code enforcement here. 

12.2.                 Crime Watch meeting 3/26/13 7 pm SHARP at the Tarpon Spring Police department. FREE Coffee & Donuts.

12.2.1.  Get e-mail address to us and you can be added to a “broadcast e-mail” if there is any kind of ~you need to be alerted now~ messages. 

12.3.                 Time to have another community “get-together” … looking at June 9th … what do you think about that? 

12.3.1.  Pot-luck, maybe hotdogs & hamburgers(?) face-painting (one of our community members – does this if you are seeking to have one for one of your events) 

13.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion: Frank    Second: Kathleen   Time: 8:39 pm 






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