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RiverWatch Housing Association  

April 2013 Board Meeting Notes 



Date: April 15, 2013 Monday 

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.     Call to Order – 7:00 pm 

2.     Establish Quorum – All board members present. 

3.     Read or waive and approve meeting notes from Mar. 18, 2013 – Evelyn Motioned to accept, Kathleen 2nd – Notes are minutes. 

4.     Financial report – Frank motioned, Mark 2nd – accepted. 

4.1.  Delinquencies – 14 del.  2 are making payments. 

4.2.  Explain what the amendment to our by-laws meant.  – Post letter from lawyer.  Basically ONE year of dues, attorney fees and interest.   

5.     Violation Status  

5.1.  Violation workbook – Log of all violations, when violation is corrected, we know when it was and if it slips back into violation, when it did. 

6.     Old Business 

6.1.  Concrete pillars and metal railings – in process.  Should be completed NLT next meeting. 

6.2.  Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – update (?  Jose said this is not their wall … how is this not their wall?  THEY BUILT IT.  They HAD to build it to be able to build Riverwatch center.  Before receiving the Certificate of Occupancy, the wall had to be built.  http://www.tarponriverwatch.com/2008-08-18.html  
~ Do we need to have a survey done? )  In attorney’s hands. 

6.3.  Playground Swings Evelyn motioned for new swings, Kathleen 2nd – unanimous – Two new swings.  Sue will order them. 

6.3.1.     Should we get a playground certification?  Discuss with attorney. 

6.4.  Dock – screws are rusting. 

6.5.  Gazebo’s – next on the schedule. 

6.6.  RiverWatch sign at the entrance – drilling at the sign to determine if there is soil issue. 

6.7.  Collision at Entrance – insurance update – ready to write a check, but not willing to pay for tree that “may” die. 

6.8.  Entrance wooden fence replacement.  

6.9.  Boat Club sign on US 19 – removal?  New sign installed … does it cause more traffic into our community “looking” for the boat club? 

6.10.                 Parking Lot (PL – open items awaiting long-range updates) 

6.10.1.  Storm Drain from Pasco (moved to PL 3/18/13 meeting)  

7.     New Business 

7.1.  Parking On The Street Overnight – need volunteers to take pics of street parked cars.  Property management suggests calling police. 

7.2.  Signage through-out community – Palm Harbor Sign & Design … to give bid to create uniform signs. 

7.3.  Committee for June 9th community pot-luck get-together. Jan & Robin with help from Nick to head up the get-together. 

7.4.  Divider line from island at entrance around curve to ensure drivers stay on their side. 

7.5.  Must Turn Barriers – Florida DOT clean up the area – (727) 570-5101 

7.6.  Insurance Update – we are due to renew in August.  Sue will get three bids to see if what we are paying is on track with what others charge for the same coverage. 

8.     Manager’s Report 

8.1.  Foreclosure 

9.     Architectural Report – none. 

9.1.  Committee members: Richard, Sharon, Bill 

10.  Beautification Committee – Having landscaping design company create designs to be bid out.  Price Point:  $20k Kathleen motioned, Mark 2nd passed. 

11.  Crime Watch Committee and upcoming meeting – www.tspd.us/crime_watch.html  

12.  Board of Director Comments - none 

13.  Open Questions From the Floor - none 

14.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Evelyn   Second:  Kathleen  Time: 8:30pm 




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