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River Watch Home Owners Association  

June 2013 Board Meeting Notes 



Date: June 17, 2013 Monday 

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.     Call to Order – 7:02 pm 

2.     Establish Quorum – All members present – Sue & Cindy present for management company 

3.     Read or waive and approve meeting notes from May. 20, 2013 Frank motioned to accept, Mark 2nd … notes from May are minutes. 

4.     Financial report – on target – Evelyn motion to accept, Frank 2nd 

4.1.  Delinquencies – 17 delinquencies  

5.     Violation Status – main issue is yards, but looking good due to all the rain we have been getting.  Tarpon Springs still has us listed as being under water restrictions. 

6.     Old Business 

6.1.  Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – update http://www.tarponriverwatch.com/2008-08-18.html   Survey from Tarpon Springs?  Need to get video and pictures during a downpour to show how the water gushes FROM the River Watch Center parking lot under and through the wall. 

6.2.  Playground Swings – new swings installed 

6.3.  Dock – need to determine how much life is left in the pilings …  

6.4.  Gazebo’s – paint inside as well as the outsides. 

6.5.  RiverWatch sign at the entrance – settling?  Do more settling seems to be occurring, fill in the hole and we will watch (repair needed to the irrigation and electrical) 

6.6.  Collision at Entrance – June 1, 2013 – Neil to follow-up with the wall structure. 

6.7.  Parking on streets overnight?  Volunteers?  Need volunteers to photograph vehicles parked on the streets overnight.  Sue has window stickers for violators. 

6.8.  Signage through-out community – Looking at uniformity.  Sue to determine if we can change out the stop signs in the community, also what is our liability in future if we do change them out? 

6.9.  Community Pot-Luck – Looking at possibly mid-October? 

6.10.                 Parking Lot (PL – open items awaiting long-range updates) 

6.10.1.  Storm Drain from Pasco – continues to move forward.  Utility survey has been done, it is in design and permitting. 

7.     New Business 

7.1.  Kids playing baseball at the end of River Edge Blvd.  Neighbors have reported broken windows.  Can we have a NO KIDS playing in the street?   

7.1.1.     Another neighbor brought up the street they live on has children that play in and near the road … the parents put out the SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY cones and all is well. 

7.1.2.     ISSUE – damage caused by children hitting baseballs through windows. 

7.2.  Vehicles parking at the end of River Edge Blvd – blocking the emergency exit.  Sue to see if we can put up sign saying NO PARKING, and investigate our towing rights. 

8.     Manager’s Report 

8.1.  Foreclosure – several homes are in the bank foreclosure process.   

9.     Architectural Report  

9.1.  Request for fence in backyard bordering a pond.  Fence can NOT obstruct the view of other members to enjoy the pond.  The fence must be on the owner’s side of the property line.  Cannot be on easement.  Cannot be on common area.  To be followed up. 

10.  Beautification Committee  

10.1.                 Looking at a landscape design for our entrance, this is going into the parking lot until winter 2014 since this is not the time of year for new landscaping. 

11.  Crime Watch Committee http://tspd.us/crime_watch.html 

12.  Board of Director Comments 

12.1.                 Pipe inspection to occur Tuesday June 18. 

13.  Open Questions From the Floor - none 

14.  Adjourn Meeting - Motion: Evelyn    Second: Kathleen  Time: 8:14 pm 






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