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River Watch Home Owner’s Association  

July 2013 Board Meeting Notes 



Date: July 15, 2013 Monday 

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.     Call to Order – 7:00 pm 

2.     Establish Quorum – Present: Ed, Mark, Evelyn, Frank ~ Management – Sue & Cindy 

3.     Read or waive and approve meeting notes from June 17, 2013 – Evelyn motion, Mark 2nd – notes are minutes. 

4.     Financial report – on track, on budget – financials are available at property management. 

4.1.  Delinquencies – 16 delinquencies … 2 of which are making payments, and will be paid completely shortly.  Is it time to start the foreclosure process on those who are past due?  The costs would include getting the home ready for renters.  Evicting “owners” who may be living there. Etc. … researching … PAY YOUR DUES OR YOU MAY BE FORECLOSED UPON !!! 

5.     Violation Status – currently we are under watering restrictions, so we can not violate due to the need to water … but we have been getting LOTS of rain, so that is not an issue.  The blanket violation we currently have is CUT YOUR LAWN/WEEDS … and speaking of “weeds” we can violate for that … PULL (or cut) YOUR WEEDS.  Lawns not complying will be cut by and charged from the association. 

5.1.  Home that is clearly in violation … Architectural committee to address issues. 

6.     Old Business 

6.1.  Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – update http://www.tarponriverwatch.com/2008-08-18.html   Survey from Tarpon Springs?  Still waiting for approval from RiverWatch Center to OK a surveyor to go out.  These plans should also be at the city of Tarpon Springs.  No one has been able to get out during a rain storm to get pics and/or video of the water flow from the parking lot down along and under the wall. 

6.1.1.     Letter from attorney to be able to access for survey.  

6.2.  Dock pilings – getting more information.  The issue is wood eating worms – how to protect the pilings?  Wrap in plastic? 

6.3.  Gazebo’s – in process (rain is slowing it down) 

6.4.  Collision at Entrance – June 1, 2013 – Wall address or not?  Not.  There doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done with it, unless we knock it down and rebuild … the wall is VERY well put together. 

6.5.  Parking on streets overnight?  Volunteers?  Need volunteers who walk the neighborhood at night to log, and document vehicles parked on the streets overnight. 

6.6.  Signage through-out community – Seven RiverWatch custom signs with nice posts, installed $1,500 – Evelyn Motioned, Frank 2nd – get the signs and have them installed. 

6.7.  Community Pot-Luck – Looking at late September or early October.  Firm date expected at the next meeting.  Watch the facebook page for up to the minute updates. 

6.8.  Drain that was to be scoped is completely clogged by foreign material (DO NOT DUMP ANYTHING (on purpose or accident) INTO THE DRAIN SYSTEMS!!! ) 

6.8.1.     Getting a “commercial” Roto-Router out to get the drain cleared and hope to be able to identify the foreign material – so person who caused the issue can pay for the clean-up (?) 

6.9.  Playground certification – do we want to pursue?  Will that help us in a liability issue?  No.  Will it lower our insurance?  No.  Playground was certified when it was installed.  Do not pursue playground certification. 

6.10.                 Insurance … do we have all we need?  An additional $220 a year would cover fire damage.  Excludes anything wind, hail or flood … pass on the added coverage. 

6.11.                 Renew playground mulch.  To Be Done. 

6.12.                 Parking Lot (PL – open items awaiting long-range updates) 

6.12.1.  Storm Drain from Pasco – going forward more each day.  It is in the design group at the moment. 

6.12.2.  Landscape Design at Entrance (winter 2014?) 

7.     New Business 

7.1.  Towing company – the towing company we had a contract with has expired.  Sue to check with city to ensure we still have the “right” to tow and if so, renew contract, get new sign and let’s start towing vehicles that are not in compliance.  Tow callers – Mark, Frank, Kathleen, Me (to be able to confirm a tow needs to be done)  Bradforn Towing Company. 

7.1.1.     Legally – what do we need to do? 

7.2.  It has been reported the dock gate has been left open.  The gate USED to have a lock that the only way to remove the key was to lock the gate … the keys for that kind of lock were reproducible … we had a problem with people making copies of the key to give to friends, so we were to a non-reproducible key – which meant a different lock.   

7.2.1.     People will keep an eye on the dock usage.  If YOU are found to be leaving the gate open, you WILL lose your dock privileges – do NOT leave the gate unlocked!!!  

8.     Manager’s Report 

8.1.  Emergency access, No Parking sign installed at the end of RiverEdge. 

8.2.  Striping along the entrance/exit of RiverWatch (to the east of the island of the entrance and exit) Tarpon Springs cannot justify the cost due to budget constraints.   

8.3.  Playground certification – would not help to lower insurance, would not help if someone hurt.  Community member pointed out it was certified when installed.  Cindy suggested adding more mulch to the play area of the playground.  Do need to certify, just keep in compliance. 

8.4.  Insurance add of $220 would cover FIRE only.  Covered under regular policy (?) 

8.5.  Tether ball posts will be drilled out. 

9.     Architectural Report  

9.1.  Request for fence in backyard bordering a pond.  10 ft set back from both front sides of home, front from six ft. down to 4 ft. 

9.2.  Architectural by-laws need complete review (rewrite? vote?) and level-set. 

10.  Beautification Committee  

10.1.                 Lighting for entrance sign.  GFI to be moved higher.  No more than $1,500 Frank motion, Evelyn 2nd – unanimous. 

11.  Crime Watch Committee http://tspd.us/crime_watch.html 

12.  Board of Director Comments 

13.  Open Questions From the Floor 

13.1.                 Community member reported the dock gate open and no one in sight.  Should we have keys that can not be taken out, unless the gate is locked?  We just got “new” keys a couple years ago.  Do YOU have the current key and dock stamp?  Contact Sue – if you need them.  $50 deposit OR old key for new. 

13.2.                 No parking end of RiverWatch (RiverWatch & Sawgrass?) 

14.  Adjourn Meeting - Motion:  Frank   Second: Evelyn   Time: 8:16 pm 




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