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River Watch Home Owner’s Association  

August 2013 Board Meeting Notes 



Date: August 19, 2013 Monday 

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.     Call to Order 7:00 pm 

2.     Establish Quorum – Ed Z, Evelyn C, Kathleen R, Frank H, Mark R – Board … Management – Sue & Cindy. 

3.     Read or waive and approve meeting notes from July 2013 – Frank motioned to accept, Kathleen 2nd.  Notes are minutes. 

4.     Financial report – On track.  See Sue if you would like a copy of financials. 

4.1.  Delinquencies – We have three homes delinquent.  Not in mortgage foreclosure, NOT making payments ~ go forward with foreclosure for community?  Evelyn motioned, Kathleen 2nd … unanimous – start foreclosure process.   

5.     Manager’s Report 

5.1.  Foreclosure (see 4.1) 

5.2.  Violation Status – More community members complaining about non-conforming home.  Direct violation of deed restrictions AND 2005 update.  No “actual approval” has been found.  ONLY approval seems to be a verbal from the management company AT THAT time …  

5.2.1.     Members asking WHY they must comply if this home is in OBVIOUS violation. 

5.2.2.     Fence lines.  Are fences actually ON that owner’s lot?  ARE fences in compliance?  Do the fences have approval? 

5.3.  Old Business 

5.3.1.     Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – update http://www.tarponriverwatch.com/2008-08-18.html   Survey from Tarpon Springs? Nothing yet – move to parking lot. 

5.3.2.     Parking on streets overnight?  Volunteers?  We DO have a new contract for our towing company.  Once we verify repeat offenders – Towing CAN commence. 

5.3.3.     Signage through-out community – being replaced with LIKE signs through-out on similar posts for continuity through-out the community. 

5.3.4.     Community Pot-Luck – September 28, 2013 – Saturday – RSVP Mark or Robin at (727) 937-2697 OR EMAIL RCOOLEY66@gmail.com          Police – crime watch.  K-9 display possible. Face-painting (maybe) Car-Show (maybe) … ideas?  Call Robin or Mark. 

5.3.5.     Dock – Replace pilings … Frank Motioned – Evelyn 2nd … all but Ed voted to move forward.  Better to replace all, protect and be safe … than to piece it out piling by piling.  Get info – so if others in the community need this work, they can try to consolidate)  

5.3.6.     Parking Lot (PL – open items awaiting long-range updates)          Storm Drain from Pasco – in process, and moving forward.          Landscape Design at Entrance (winter 2014?) 

6.     New Business 

7.     Architectural Report – None in process – but process itself is in review. 

8.     Beautification Committee  

8.1.  Community landscaping issues  

8.1.1.     Tree suckling’s are growing and NOT being addressed.   

8.1.2.     Dry retention pond outflow NOT being addressed during landscaping and thus are closing up (weeds not being whacked are causing more sediment to stay in the pipe, causing more weeds, causing more sediment …).  This WILL eventually close up and cause flooding of our community if water cannot escape. 

8.1.3.     Need to schedule tree elevation around pond’s, community area’s – playground, sidewalks, entrance, exit. 

8.1.4.     Peppertrees should be cut back quarterly.   

9.     Crime Watch Committee http://tspd.us/crime_watch.html 

10.  Board of Director Comments - none 

11.  Open Questions From the Floor - none 

12.  Adjourn Meeting - Motion: Kathleen    Second:  Evelyn  Time: 8:29 pm 




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