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Notice is here provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., will be held as follows: 

DATE:             Monday, January 27, 2014
TIME:              7:00 PM 

PLACE:           Tarpon Springs Community Center – Social Room 

                        400 South Walton – Tarpon Springs FL 




1.     Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice 

2.     Call Meeting to Order 7:04 PM  

3.     Minutes of Last Meeting 

a.     November 18, 2013 – Frank motioned, Mark 2nd – notes are minutes 

4.     Report of Officers 

a.     Treasurer’s Report 

                                                              i.     Delinquency Update – All unpaid dues for 2013 are at collections (10 unpaid) 

                                                             ii.     2014 Budget - $570 dues per unit annually – first raise in dues ($13) in eight years.   

5.     Committee Reports/Violation Spreadsheet Update 

a.     Architectural Review Committee – need more volunteers. 

b.     Fining Committee – if not corrected – February will have three for the committee 

c.      Violations Spreadsheet – in process – new sheet for 2014, with history back-up 

d.     Yards of the Quarter – should be starting in Feb. 

e.     Other items as introduced by a committee member  

6.     Unfinished Business 

a.     Dock Repair – several areas need addressed 

b.     Lighting for front sign – done  

c.      Front sign lettering – awaiting letters (done as of writing this) 

d.     Architectural Review Guidelines – to be posted 

e.     Progressive Subgrade Failures – addressed 

f.       Security lights at Playground & Bus Stop Gazebo’s – Done as of writing this) 

7.     New Business – Crime Prevention (this was done before general business, so officers could leave when done) is not actually “prevention” but rather Crime Relocation – bad people seek out the easiest target … may WE stop being “the easiest target” 

a.     Captain Templeton and Officer Ulrich presented. 

                                                              i.     MANY break-ins have occurred in our community in a short amount of time.   

                                                             ii.     Every street in RiverWatch has had a burglary. 

                                                            iii.     None of the homes had security systems or cameras 

1.     Several of the home owners are installing both 

a.     A few of the home owners live in an area that common areas can also be secured by their equipment – checking with our legal council to see if this can be done. 

b.     Checking on legality of installing security cameras in our community 

c.      Getting cost and system information 

                                                           iv.     Tarpon Springs Police Department is doing MANY area checks.  TSPD cannot “just stop” someone who appears suspicious – UNLESS a call has been made.   

1.     SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING.  (One of the break-ins, when a neighbor heard about it said “I thought I saw some suspicious activity!”  Had a call been made – a burglary may have been stopped. The guilty in jail.)

                                                             v.     There is new technology called TOUCH DNA … if you see something out of the ordinary (such as a sock in a bush) do NOT touch it.  Call TSPD dispatch (727) 937-6151 a police officer will be dispatched and the items collected.  No amount of wiping will remove the DNA and it can be collected. 

1.     If you suspect your vehicle has been tampered with, call the police. 

2.     If you suspect someone has tried to enter your home – do not touch anything, call the police. 

3.     If someone has broken into your home – but it doesn’t look like anything was taken – do NOT touch anything – call the police. 

                                                           vi.     See something suspicious call 911  

                                                          vii.     When in doubt call 911 

                                                         viii.     Everything of value – list the Serial Numbers and Model Numbers – keep the list in a safe place.  If stolen, give a copy of your list to the police. 

1.     Pawn Shops MUST check a central database – your stolen property numbers will BE in THAT database – IF you list your serial and model numbers NOW. 

                                                           ix.     Going on vacation – contact the police department, security checks are done free of charge. 

                                                             x.     Want to ensure your home is as safe as it can be?  Officer Ulrich will do a security assessment free of charge.  It takes about an hour. 

1.     Office Ulrich – (727) 937-8753 

                                                           xi.     Door to Door Solicitation is NOT Allowed (other than non-profits, such as Girl Scouts) any solicitors come to your door – call the police, this appears to be one way burglars look for a potential target.  

                                                          xii.     See Something – CALL 911 – Do NOT Confront! 

1.     AFTER calling the police – e-mail (or call) Pat or Jan (contact info to be gotten) 

b.     May 1st may be the start of the Pasco pipe installation 

c.      One of the palm trees of the two at our entrance is dead and has been removed. 

                                                              i.     Texas-Phoenix palm decline appears to be in our community.  There is an injection that can be given four times a year, the cost is $25 per injection (per tree) 

1.     Prevention is KEY 

2.     RiverWatch has a certified arborist as a homeowner (contact information will be gotten) 

d.     Time to address the pepper-tree removal from the boat ramp to the entrance – looking at safe herbicides, so this can stop being a yearly expense. 

e.     Something is leaking by the pole by Blackrush Pond - Sue and Mark to follow-up. 


8.     Adjournment – 8:27pm Evelyn Motion Kathleen 2nd 




~Suspicious Activity~

If you see something,
SAY something!

Call 911

Keep your vehicles & home LOCKED!

Don't be an"Easy Mark"

Tarpon Springs NON-Emergency
911 Info