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Notice is here provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., will be held as follows: 

DATE:             Monday, February 24, 2014
TIME:              7:00 PM 

PLACE:           Tarpon Springs Community Center – Meeting Hall 

                        400 South Walton – Tarpon Springs FL 



1.      Establish Quorum – All present Board, Sue & Cindy Monarch 

2.      Call Meeting to Order – 7:00 pm 

3.      Minutes of Last Meeting 

a.      January 27, 2014 – Frank motion, Mark 2nd  

4.      Report of Officers 

a.      Treasurer’s Report – on track, e-mail Sue at Sue@MonarchAM.com if you would like copy of financials. 

                                                              i.     Delinquency Update – 9 new delinquents sent to the attorney. Once it goes to the attorney, fees are added.  Come ON people pay your dues.  $570.00 TOTAL delinquent dues are $30,679.94. 

1.      One del. Is also in violation of deed restrictions.  Go forward as needed and specified in our documents. 

5.      Committee Reports/Violation Spreadsheet Update 

a.      Architectural Review Committee – going with this process.  To be mailed to all owners in a community Newsletter (mid-March) 

b.      Fining Committee – next board meeting, if still in violation will be one. 

c.      Violations Spreadsheet – one basketball hoop not on spreadsheet, discussion about the location of the hoop, experience of several drivers, safety issue, AND deed restriction violation … it MUST not be used in that location! 

d.      Yards of the Quarter – Yard sign says “Month” but our community is not large enough for doing a MONTHLY.  So ~yard~ of the Quarter with a sign for the Month it wins (for now) 

e.      Other items as introduced by a committee member  

                                                              i.     Leaking near gas pipe on Blackrush (by the pond) Landscaper said it was a broken sprinkler he was fixing. 

                                                             ii.     Peppertree along the entrance, next to the river – needs to be cut back.  Bid given by one member, still waiting on vendor we normally use; ask for bid for the work, if nothing in one week, go with the new vendor.  

                                                            iii.     Re-mulching of all common area landscaping 

                                                            iv.     Trees along the entrance that are dying.  They die slowly, but it appears they are past the stage of being able to save them.  Sue to get with City on what we can do, what they suggest, etc. 

                                                             v.     Looking at early MAY for the start of the Pasco Project to install the drainage pipeline.  Depression that first brought our attention to the issue will be addressed during that time. 

6.      Unfinished Business 

a.      Dock Repair – because of regulation changes, we need to have a handrail on the dock at the stair on the loading area side.  Other issues have been addresses  

                                                              i.     STILL NEED a couple of poles addressed (old marker, etc) 

b.      Lighting for front sign – Looks GREAT - Done 

c.      Front sign lettering – Done – address landscaping (see 7.a.) 

d.      Architectural Review Guidelines – Mail to home owners in newsletter. 

e.      Progressive Subgrade Failures – addressed, an area of sidewalk was also noted and will be addressed as well. 

f.       Lighting at Playground & Bus Stop Gazebo’s – complete.  Keys are available for check-out from Sue – e-mail is    Keys MUST be checked out and back in.  Playground has a security light from dawn to dusk (and a motion), the bus stop gazebo is motion sensored only. 

g.      Crime Watch – crime watch sending around contact information and also included in the newsletter.  Crime watch meetings are held at the Tarpon Springs Police Department conference room.  Crime watch page will also be added to http://TarponRiverWatch.com 

                                                              i.     Proposal and cost for adding a security camera package to RiverWatch 

1.      Issues:   

a.      Can we do this legally?  

b.      Can we do this based on our HOA restrictions and bylaws? (Sue to get an opinion from attorney – would community need a 75% agree to pass) 

c.      Locations – only community property. 

d.      Maintenance Issues 

                                                                                                                          i.     Surge protectors 

7.      New Business 

a.      Landscaping at entrance – Colorful, LOW (not to interfere with the light) Sprinkler, put on drip system.  Once sprinkler is put in, a group of volunteers will hopefully landscape in the purchased color by the HOA … maybe?  Cost if we do it, just the cost of the plants – cost to have someone do it $600 - 800 

                                                              i.     Check into the cost (or possible revenue) for the single palm tree between US 19 and RiverWatch.  Let the sign and the new landscaping speak for RiverWatch.  Take-out the palm tree: Evelyn Motion Mark 2nd  

8.      Parking Lot: Soil Erosion behind Northern Tools – Still awaiting permission to go on property to survey to see whose wall it is (Northern Tools) 

9.      Adjournment – 8:27 PM 




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