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Notice is hereby provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., was held as follows: 

DATE:    Monday, April 21, 2014 

Time:     7:00 PM 

Place:    Tarpon Springs Community Center – Social Room 

               400 South Walton – Tarpon Springs, FL 



1.      Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice: 

1.1.   Board members present: Ed Z, Frank H, Mark R, Evelyn C 

1.2.   Monarch AM present: Sue M, Cindy S 

2.      Call Meeting to Order: 7:00 PM 

3.      Minutes of Last Meeting:  

3.1.   March 17, 2014 Frank motioned to accept / Mark 2nd – unanimous minutes accepted. 

4.      Report of Officers 

4.1.   Treasurer’s Report Total current assets $178k (including two CD’s) 

4.1.1.Delinquency UpdateThree properties are with the attorney for lien, two properties that HAD been delinquent have paid, one property making payments – and almost completely paid.  1120 RE listed below, 14 total properties are currently delinquent.  Properties not working with Monarch to bring their accounts current, we are moving forward legally. RE – Foreclosure Sale to be held April 25th, 2014 

5.      Committee Reports/Violations Spreadsheet Update 

5.1.   Architectural Review Committee Two homes painting, one home replacing windows. 

5.1.1.Modification of the color pallet Four color/combinations deleted from approved color/combinations (Sue has pallets available for check-out) 

5.2.   Yard of the Month/Quarter 

5.2.1.Daniel and Annette, CONGRATULATIONS!  Looks very nice! (Sue to send picture for posting on our facebook page) 

5.3.   Violations Spreadsheet Update  

5.3.1.We are under watering restrictions, so issues as spelled out by Tarpon Springs are in effect.  Watering restrictions do NOT cover allowing weeds to take over and grow unchecked. 

5.3.2.Mail-boxes and posts are once again top issue. Nineteen violation letters have been sent out. Take a look at YOUR mail-box (and post): does it need numbers? Does it need to be cleaned? Painted? 

5.3.3.Vacant property with unresponsive owner – suggest to go to fining and legal. 

5.4.   Fining Committee 

5.4.1.Property that will go to fining with the next violation – owner of property is aware – and addressing situation causing the issues. 

5.5.   Crime Watch Jan C presented her current findings about security cameras. Many NEW communities are installing cameras along with the rest of the infrastructure. There have been EIGHTEEN reported incidences (FOUR were Home-Break-ins, in the early morning hours, while home owners WERE HOME) Jan asked for approval and a budget in which to work with. 

5.5.1.Because we have never had them before the cameras are seen as a Capital Improvement, we must get a minimum of 75% of our membership (120 homes) to sign notarized approval of the expenditure.  Sue and Cindy (of Monarch Association Management) are both notaries.  She suggested a weekend or two having signing at the park. 

5.5.2. Jan requested a Camera Committee and a budget in which to work with.            Evelyn motioned for a maximum budget in which to work with (permits, equipment, installation, set-up, etc. and rest of the year operational costs) of $25,000 – Mark 2nd                 Question from community member: with this be a special assessment?  NO, these funds would be supplied from our CURRENT ASSESTS – there would be NO Special Assessment to have Security Cameras installed.  Sue DID point out there would be added annual costs for maintenance, electricity, etc  – but the costs spread over 159 homes is minimum.            Camera Committee:  Two Crime Watch Members (Jan C, Pat D) Two Board Members (Mark R & Bill P) Three Community Members (Jaros K, David P and Bob L)            Sue will get with the attorney to get the proper verbiage for getting our membership to sign (or not) to go forward and install security camera’s we MUST have a minimum of 120 homes to sign in the affirmative to go forward with installation.
NOTE: Riverwatch DOES have the funds to go forward with this project if approved by the membership.  This project will NOT be a Special Assessment. 

6.      Unfinished Business 

6.1.   Open Board Position – Asked if any interested people present … Bill P (present) had PREVIOUSLY said he was willing to be on the Board before, Evelyn asked if he was now (and asked Sue how that will affect his being on the Architectural Committee – she said it is fine) … Mark R nominated, Evelyn C 2nd … Bill P is on the Board. 

6.2.   Board Officer Positions 

6.2.1.President – Evelyn nominated Ed, Frank 2nd 

6.2.2.Vice President – Ed nominated Mark, Frank 2nd 

6.2.3.Treasurer – Frank nominated Bill, Mark 2nd 

6.2.4.Secretary – Mark nominated Evelyn, Frank 2nd 

6.2.5.Director – Mark nominated Frank, Bill 2nd            President – Ed            VP – Mark            Treasurer – Bill            Secretary – Evelyn            Director - Frank 

6.3.   Landscaping Design along North & South Entry – Evelyn is AGAINST ANY design or change until we can protect what we spend our money on (new plants put in around the sign, after work done has been STOLEN!)  Also – we MAY be able to address this as a COMMUNITY. 

6.3.1. Landscapers that came out to give a bid for doing a design listed different trees to be removed.  Sue said if all trees listed by each of the designers were removed – NO TREES would be left (WE MUST PAY the City of Tarpon Springs for all trees we remove and do not replace with APPROVED trees) 

6.3.2. BEFORE deciding to spend money on a landscape design, Sue will have the City of Tarpon Springs Tree People come out and decide what trees they feel NEED to be replaced and which ones need the TLC they need.            ALSO – what are the “approved” list of trees? 

6.4.   Landscaping at the end of RiverEdge Drive – because of the slope in that area, the ground coverage there have never taken.  Suggestion of several different options, material for roots to hold onto and plants.   

6.4.1.For plants Jan suggested since ONE of our security issues come from kids from Pasco hopping the fence –planting Bougainvillea and Cactus (prickly and thorny, AND drought tolerant) YES!  

6.5.   Tree elevation and landscape clean-up from the dock to the block wall by Anclote River Quotes. Evelyn motion, Bill 2nd to go with The Palms Tree Service, Inc. 

6.6.   Tree elevation and landscape clean-up at the back gate (end of RiverEdge) … Mark motion, Evelyn 2nd go with NIK’s 

6.7.   Installation of Security Cameras (see 5.5 above) 

6.8.   Road Delineation Update – the delineators are still on backorder … BUT … as soon as they are changed, they will be wiped out again.  What else can be done? 

6.8.1. There are currently TWO signs that say “Right Lane MUST Turn Right” – can they be changed to say “LANE ENDS”? 

6.9.   Pasco drainage issue coming through RiverWatch is on target. This will address the issue at 1048. 

7.      New Business  

7.1.   Community member expressed frustration about the crime in our community.  He feels the board and crime watch members are not doing enough to protect our community.  Asked what he suggests, he wants us to petition the City of Tarpon Springs to do more.  Jan said she would talk to the City to see what more could be done by the city. 

7.1.1.The community member wants MORE done as well – such as hiring a security patrol, or having volunteers patrolling the community – Evelyn said that has been done in another community in Florida with disastrous results.            Community member wants “NO ENTRY except residents” posted at the entrance.  Evelyn said our roads are public roads – however, see 7.1.2            Community member said he would check his security cameras to see how often police patrol past his home. 

7.1.2.Jan will follow up with the City, police, and the security camera committee. 

7.2.   Another community member said his grandson (elementary school) was bullied at the playground by older middle school boys – what can be done?   

7.2.1.Can we No Trespass?  They bullies do NOT live here. 

7.2.2.Can we take pictures of those doing bad things?  According to Officer Ulrich from a past presentation, there is no assumption of privacy when outside your home, so we can take photos of anything suspicious to use later. 

7.3.   Vandalism at the playground – Caught by a police officer community member (NOTE:  we have Police Officers that LIVE in our community) turned over to Mark who brought the information to the Board. 

7.3.1.Ed prefers talking with the parents and not bringing the law down on the juvenile. 

7.3.2.Evelyn prefers making an example ZERO TOLERANCE 

7.3.3.Rosemary suggested having the “child” (teen-ager) come to the next Board Meeting and apologizing            Ed and Mark will talk with the parents ~ we will go from there 

7.3.4.NOTE:  Most of the car break-ins in our community are being committed BY teen-agers and young adults. 

8.      Adjournment – 8:33 PM Mark Motioned Frank 2nd  





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