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Notice is hereby provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., was held as follows: 

DATE:    Monday, May 19, 2014 

Time:     7:00 PM 

Place:    Tarpon Springs Community Center – Craft Room 

               400 South Walton – Tarpon Springs, FL 



1.      Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice: Present: Bill P, Ed Z, Frank H, Evelyn C.  Management: Sue & Cindy Absent: Mark R. 

2.      Call Meeting to Order: 7:00 PM 

3.      Minutes of Last Meeting:  

3.1.   April 21, 2014 - Bill motioned to accept, Frank 2nd 

4.      Report of Officers 

4.1.   Treasurer’s Report – Bill read – On target for 2014 

4.1.1.Delinquency Update – 15 still delinquent – two of which almost paid up. Seven are into multiple years.            1120 – HOA Foreclosure occurring at the end of the month.            Other homes are in the process to be foreclosed upon by the association – PAY YOUR DUES! 

5.      Committee Reports/Violations Spreadsheet Update 

5.1.   Architectural Review Committee 

5.1.1. One home – Pavers and paint 

5.1.2. One home installing a pool, IF they are able to get permission from Tarpon Springs to remove a tree.  Approval of removal will be kept with the Arch Form. 

5.1.3. One home wants to paint – but needs form – Sue to send to owner. 

5.2.   Yard of the Month/Quarter – Next home will be selected in July. 

5.3.   Fining Committee 

5.3.1. One home chronic offender – going before fining committee.  Fining committee will meet between this meeting and the next.  Other issues noted with pictures about this home.  Sue to address with owner.  MUST be addressed and corrected. 

5.4.   Violations Spreadsheet Update – dated pics of violations are kept along with letters sent to home owners.  One issue many homes NEED to address is their mailbox & posts.  INFO for source who can do job of installing whole new mailbox and post needed. 

5.5.   Other items as may be introduced by a Committee Member 

6.      Unfinished Business 

6.1.   Drainage issue from Pasco – on track – hope to have it completely done before the true rainy season begins. 

6.2.   Community Cameras  

6.3.   Proxies – as of the writing of this – we have 60 YES and 10 NO votes.  We NEED a MINIMUM of 120 YES Votes.  Committee members may begin going door to door to talk with owners. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   LANDSCAPING:  Retention area(s) not being mowed and weed-whacked during regular landscaping.  The dry retention areas MUST BE MOWED as much as possible.  The culvert openings MUST BE weed-whacked to keep organic material from building up and growing – trapping more organic materials – thus closing up the drains causing MORE Expense to open them back up again. 

7.2.   Northern Tool / RiverWatch wall – erosion – Erosion is happening QUICKLY with the wall put up by the owner of the property that Northern Tool sits on.  The management company for the owners is NOT being cooperative and says it is “our wall”  it is NOT OUR WALL – The owners of the property HAD to put up the wall to get a Certificate of Occupancy for Northern Tool.  

7.2.1.Neither here – nor there – since THEY built THEIR wall into our wall, if “their wall goes” it will take OURS with it – not to mention the clean-up FOR the fallen wall(s). 

7.2.2.Ed, Frank, Mark to work with potential contractors to come up with solution.  We need legal to address this. 

7.3.   Drainage pipe – Ed says this is a limestone issue WAY below the surface – NOT a pipe issue.  Report from contractors addresses limestone as the issue – not the pipe. 

7.4.   E-mail lists – Add all e-mails for who to contact for what. 

7.5.   Sue has the New Well – Owners Manual in our files at her office. 

7.6.   Sprinklers are all currently good. 

7.6.1.Ed said a few were hitting the street the morning of the meeting.  Sprinkler person to look at them again. 

7.6.2.Major issue with landscapers not paying attention to sprinklers and destroying them was discussed. 

7.7.   Trees with red tags around trees – these are trees the city tree expert will take a look at and determine if they are “savable”  (Tarpon Springs is a Tree City and they truly take our trees seriously). 

7.8.   A huge pile of branches were left in front of 1916 – the bank had some work done, and left the debris piled at the curb – been there weeks now – Pay the fee to have the pile removed and the amount was added to the ledger for that property.  Evelyn Motioned, Bill 2nd

8.      Adjournment – 7:40 PM – Frank Motioned Bill 2nd  




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