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Notice is hereby provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., was held as follows: 

DATE:    Monday, June 16, 2014 

Time:     7:00 PM 

Place:    Tarpon Springs Community Center – Craft Room 

               400 South Walton – Tarpon Springs, FL 



1.      Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice:  Bill P, Frank H, Mark R, Evelyn C Present (Ed arrived after start of meeting)  Sue & Cindy present for management. 

2.      Call Meeting to Order: 7:00 pm 

3.      Minutes of Last Meeting:   

3.1.   May 19, 2014 – Frank Motioned, Bill 2nd – Notes are minutes. 

4.      Report of Officers 

4.1.   Treasurer’s Report - Bill read – on track – financials can be received by e-mailing Sue @ Monarch 

4.1.1.Delinquency Update – four are multiyear delinquent, eight are this year, one – making payments, almost completely paid (expect it to be paid by July meeting) … go forward with HOA foreclosure on properties not making payments on their dues.            1120 – Auction Date (HOA foreclosure – bank still retains deed to the property) – 6/27/14 – Outside buyer purchased and work is under way. 

5.      Committee Reports/Violations Spreadsheet Update 

5.1.   Architectural Review Committee  

5.1.1.A couple of homes installing pavers 

5.1.2.One home owner installing a pool (permits and city permission attained) 

5.1.3.One home painting 

5.1.4. --- a floating dock, no one knew about(?) Sue to follow up if the City knows about it. 

5.2.   Yard of the Month/Quarter – July is next selection 

5.3.   Violations Spreadsheet Update – Violations continue to be tracked, letters sent, usually home owners comply or at least get with Management Company to go over plan to address violations.  Those who do not address their violations go on to the fining committee. 

5.3.1.Fining Committee – three went before the committee – three NO-SHOW – All three to be LEVIED a FINE of $100 per day to a maximum of $1,000.  Letter’s sent to all fined home-owners. 

5.3.2.Add (Sue has unit number) to the violation spreadsheet.  The FRONT looks “alright” but the back is in extremely distressing shape.  Property has a dock and the dock is in dangerous shape.  “Owner” of the property is Stewart Title. 

5.4.   Other items as may be introduced by a Committee Member - None 

6.      Unfinished Business 

6.1.   Trees along entrance – two bids for the work along the front (removal of nine Laurel Oaks – to include grinding stumps and remove all debris, and the pruning of two other Laurel Oaks)  Bill motioned to go with The Tree Doctor (Graham) Frank 2nd – unanimous.  

6.2.   Irrigation System Maintenance Contract - $10.00 per zone --- we have 16 zones.  Inspection is scheduled quarterly, and as needed in between. 

6.2.1. Water Bill 

6.2.2.Watering times, days & areas Zones 1 – 7 M-W-F Midnight to 6AM … Zones 8 – 16 T-TH-S Midnight to 6 am. 

6.3.   Wall behind Northern Tool – OUR wall where it ties in to the Northern Tool wall is 60%+ eroded.   

6.3.1.Work to address the wall needs to be started immediately and should take approximately three weeks. 

6.4.    Camera’s – Proxies received 62 yes, 13 no (Robert Wirth “newsletter” discussed.  Several community members at the meeting have had run-ins with Mr. Wirth, all wished everyone knew what they were dealing with when getting a “newsletter” from Mr. Wirth.  NOTE:  http://TheRiverWatcher.com belongs to Evelyn Conner) – Next Steps – Another meeting at the park to discuss. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Insurance Renews in August – we have had the same insurance since the beginning of our community.  Sue to get quotes from other companies for suggested coverage. 

7.1.1.Two small islands “belong” to RiverWatch – what is our liability if anyone were to get injured?   

7.1.2.Discuss at July meeting. 

8.      Adjournment – Evelyn Motion Bill 2nd – 8:08 PM 




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