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Notice is hereby provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., was held as follows: 

DATE:    Monday, July 21, 2014 

Time:     7:00 PM 

Place:    Tarpon Springs Community Center – Craft Room 

               400 South Walton – Tarpon Springs, FL 



1.      Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice: 

2.      Call Meeting to Order: 7:04 pm All members present, Sue and Cindy representing Monarch. 

3.      Minutes of Last Meeting: Frank Motioned, Bill 2nd – notes are minutes.  

3.1.   June 16, 2014 

4.      Report of Officers 

4.1.   Treasurer’s Report – Bill read the treasurers report.  We have plenty of money and none to spend. 

4.1.1.Delinquency Update: 11 delinquencies – one of which should be current by next meeting. 

4.1.2. “City of Tarpon Springs” (water bill) $709.57 Check Number 248 6/26/14.            Sue said the sprinklers had been repaired and that was the price of working sprinklers.  NOT a good answer.  The past year our water bills have ranged from a LOW of $40.38 January 2014 to a HIGH of $432.34 August 2013.  If the $700 range is the “new and improved” water bill – HOA Dues for 2015 WILL go up.                 Find Out HOW is the water bill calculated                 Talk with Darryl about cutting back on the hours of watering                 ARE we using well water where we are SUPPOSED to be using well water – or is it on the City Water?  Make sure well is being used where well is supposed to be being used.  Blackrush Pond area ~should~ be the only place on city water?  Can a well be installed here?  Electricity was the issue …? 

5.      Committee Reports/Violations Spreadsheet Update 

5.1.   Architectural Review Committee 

5.1.1. Pool Install & Pavers 

5.1.2. Pavers 

5.1.3. Window change out (is on hold) 

5.1.4. One member reported they submitted a form and have not heard anything back – Bill to work with member on their request. 

5.2.   Yard of the Month/Quarter – Another awesome yard chosen  

5.3.   Violations Spreadsheet Update 

5.3.1.Fining Committee – two for fining next month if not brought into compliance.            Go forward on the coral castle – what are our next steps?  Multiple violations.  Ignoring violation letters and fining committee notifications (fines HAVE been levied - ) … get with Attorney.  

5.4.   Other items as may be introduced by a Committee Member 

5.4.1.US 19 Delineators – DOT issue.  The city is doing what they can, but there are budget constraints – and the delineators get plowed down almost as soon as they are put back up.            DOT will continue to maintain the ones that curve into the community, but not the straight-away along US 19 (drivers use our TURN-ONLY lane to try and pass traffic ON US 19) 

5.4.2.Tree Trimming / elevation of community trees – Tree Quote from last month was to remove 9 trees and trim 11, instead Remove 7 trees, trim 13 remaining trees – added cost to quote $325.  Unanimous to go with the extra charge and get it scheduled and done.            Palm Trees – take a look and discuss at August Meeting. 

5.4.3.Roadway Rust – from garbage truck a few weeks before … Sue to see what the City can do to clean it up. 

6.      Unfinished Business 

6.1.   Trees along entrance – see 5.4.2 

6.2.   Irrigation System – see water discussion 4.1.2 section. 

6.3.   Wall behind Northern Tool – when the property was developed, the owners had to continue the wall to the South of our Original wall (North) to get a certificate of occupancy.  Because the ground level was RAISED on the West side of the wall (Northern Tool) SEVEN courses of Concrete Block were added to OUR wall (the North Wall) 

6.3.1. Erosion happening to our wall – before being able to actually start the work to stabilize the wall – a section of the wall fell. 

6.3.2. Post links to minutes where this was discussed. 

6.3.3. Sue to talk with Attorney – What ARE Our Options? 

6.4.   Camera’s – Proxies received 83 (67 yes, 16 no) – Next Steps (door to door) 

6.5.   Sprinkler Maintenance Contract with Bryant’s Irrigation - $160.00 per quarter. 

6.6.   Pasco Drainage – shopping center (empty) to the north to sign off and then the project is ready to go forward. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Insurance Renews in August – we have had the same insurance since the beginning of our community.  Sue to get quotes from other companies for suggested coverage. 

7.1.1. Carry over 

7.2.   Pot hole at the dock needs to be addressed – do it. 

7.2.1.All of parking areas at Dock and Playground will need to be addressed within a year or so. 

7.3.   Sign at the dock was knocked down – put it back up. 

7.4.   Sign at the playground – our vandal is back, forcing it OUT of a concrete holding ground, carrying it over and throwing it into the playground pond.  There is no more talking with the parents on this – we catch you, we WILL PRESS CHARGES!   

7.4.1.The Playground is for PLAYING, for fun, for dreaming, for relaxing, for enjoying … it is NOT there for destruction. 

8.      Adjournment:  Bill motion, Evelyn 2nd 8:25 pm  




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