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Notice is hereby provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., was held as follows: 

DATE:    Monday, September 29, 2014 

Time:     7:00 PM 

Place:    Tarpon Springs Community Center – Check at front desk for room (Probably Craft Room?) 

               400 South Walton – Tarpon Springs, FL 



1.      Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice: 

2.      Call Meeting to Order: 

3.      Minutes of Last Meeting: 

3.1.   August , 2014 

4.      Report of Officers 

4.1.   Treasurer’s Report 

4.1.1.Delinquency Update 

4.1.2. Other Financial Info            Missing 2008 Box/Documents? 

5.      Committee Reports/Violations Spreadsheet Update 

5.1.   Architectural Review Committee 

5.2.   Yard of the Month/Quarter – Next selection is October 1. 

5.3.   Violations Spreadsheet Update 

5.3.1.Fining Committee  

5.3.2.Coral castle 

5.3.3.Other violators not discussed 

5.4.   Other items as may be introduced by a Committee Member 

6.      Unfinished Business 

6.1.   West Wall (wall between Northern Tool and Riverwatch) 

6.2.   Irrigation  

6.3.   Tree trimming and elevation 

6.4.   Insurance 

6.5.   Pothole at dock 

6.6.   Pasco Drainage 

6.7.   Other items that may have been missed 

7.      New Business 

8.      Adjournement