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Notice is hereby provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., was held as follows: 

DATE:    Monday, May 18, 2015 

Time:     7:00 PM 

Place:    Tarpon Springs Community Center  

               400 South Walton – Tarpon Springs, FL 



1.      Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice – Present: Ed Z, Bill P, Frank H, Mark R, Evelyn C and Property Manager Sue M. 

2.      Call Meeting to Order – 7:00 PM 

3.      Minutes of Last Meeting: 

3.1.   April 20, 2015 - Frank motioned to accept, Mark 2nd  

4.      Report of Officers  

4.1.   Treasurer’s Report – Deferred Maintenance took a Massive hit (6.1).  Asked about possibly using a Liquid Duke Energy backed investment account.  Sue to collect information and run it by the attorney.  

4.1.1.Delinquency Update – Eleven current delinquent, six are one year only, of the six TWO are making payments – meaning we are down to five at multiple years delinquent.   ONE of which is due to be FORECLOSED on, if FULL PAYMENT is not received by 6/24/15.            As to last month’s question about “payments” as our dues are supposed to be annual.  The expense of ~going after~ a community member who has experienced an issue and asked to (and is) making payments is not worth the return.  Since last month a second homeowner has started making payments. 

5.      Committee Reports/Violations Spreadsheet Update 

5.1.   Architectural Review Committee – several active projects in the community. 

5.1.1.  One home has erected a “pallet type fence”  Contact with homeowner to be made.  Even IF they submitted an arch. Form – these type fences are NOT allowed. 

5.2.   Fining Committee and Yard of the Month/Quarter 

5.2.1. Fining will be done of violators in June, if violations are not remedied.  Last month 47 violation letters were sent out.  Two responses were received.  Asked if this was normal, Sue said response is ALL OVER the map ~ from ignoring them to threats of violence.  (Threats of VIOLENCE???)            For those violators who are due to be fined in June – they will be, if violations are NOT addressed.                 The process Property Managers need to go through in the deed restriction violation/fining process is a long, drawn-out process.  Violators are NOT being hit with fines “out of the blue”.  There is PLENTY of time to address issues or to put a plan in place.                 Community member asked if there was any correlation between home OWNER or RENTER and violations.  Sue said we do not know who is renting and who is an owner.  (Legal Addresses – Let address this in June and see if we can make a correlation … we can go from there) 

5.2.2. – (Yard of the “month” given out quarterly has disappeared- from April Meeting) June is the month for the next award of Yard of the Quarter.   

5.3.   Violations Spreadsheet Update – see 5.2.1 above 

5.4.   Crime Watch – Sign-up for newsletters with Jan at jan.causey@gmail.com
Tarpon RiverWatch Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/TarponRiverWatch?ref=hl  Tarpon Springs Police https://www.facebook.com/TarponSpringsPoliceDepartment?fref=nf   

5.4.1.Attempted Break-in on Sawgrass.  Home Owner was HOME.  Someone rang the doorbell, but the homeowner did not answer the door.  A few minutes later, someone was at a back window and they pried off the screen. 

5.4.2. It appeared to be a couple (male & female) mid 20’s(?)  No apprehension at this time.  HAD we had community cameras, would this couple have been identified? 

6.      Unfinished Business 

6.1.   Camera Proposal – Bids and Proposals to be at the June meeting 

6.2.   Crime Watch – see 5.4 above 

6.3.   Pasco Drainage Project – homeowners (of affected homes) should be notified soon. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Power washing and mulching of all common areas – Mark is heading up working with the contractors – Mulch AFTER power washing. 

7.2.   Painting Pump Station Walls – City is saying it is actually OUR responsibility.  Researching further.  It needs pressure washed, painted, and stucco needs refreshed. 

7.3.   Playground – equipment damage/deterioration.  Sue to talk attorney. 

7.4.   Culverts need to be cleaned out and regarded. Mark & Ed to get with contractors to discuss regarding.  

7.5.   SedgeWeed at the playground.  Mark talked to Nick about the weeds.  Nick said this would be a separate weed, special treatment - $600 per treatment, areas would need two to three treatments and there are no guarantees.   

7.5.1.  EVERY homeowner that uses Nik’s, we HAVE SedgeWeed also (sandburs – pull them out when they are green) The fact IS – when a mower goes over grass, it spreads what it picks up across ALL the places the mower goes. 

7.5.2.  UNLESS the mowers are scrubbed out between areas, we could burn the $600 two or three times … it will have the same outcome.  (Evelyn’s input)            Mark will talk to Nick about it. 

7.6.   Edges around the Gazebos appears to be rusting.  Mark and Ed will get a Ladder and check into it. 

7.7.   Ed & Mark will also walk the property to see if they can “number the trees” so we can create ACCURATE Requests for Proposals, and we may compare bids that are “everything else being equal” instead of all over the map. 

7.8.   Bill said THANK YOU! Mark for all of the time you volunteer to our Community.  All Agree. 

7.9.   Home Owner – who bought their property a couple of years ago, has a natural pond behind his home.  When he purchased the property, the pond (which connects to Anclote River) was an Oasis.  Over the past year, Cat Tails and Reeds are over taking the pond.  Home Owner said he talked to the City, but they said it was the Home Owner Association.  His concern is the pond becoming a mosquito haven (which WILL affect the community)   

7.9.1. Suggested homeowner to call SFWMD 

7.9.2.  From what I’ve learned (Evelyn) over the years of living in the community.  The Home in Question when the community was first being designed, was not going to exist.  It would have been a parking area for a kayak launch.  It didn’t work out that way and a house was built.  The ORGINAL owner of the home, continued to maintain the area – spending many hours daily tending it. 

8.      If you have any issues or error messages – please e-mail them to me at TarponRiverWatch@Gmail.com 

9.      Adjournment 7:48 PM Bill Motioned Frank 2nd  



Notes By Evelyn 





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