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Next Annual Meeting


Major Goal:  Elect the board to run RiverWatch for 2016 (completed)

Candidates who are on the ballot: 


IF you are interested in running for the board and have not gotten your name in for the ballot - YOU MAY Nominate yourself from the floor.  OTHERS may nominate ... Everyone can and may nominate from the floor.

Other than slight edits and changing the year from 2008 to 2009 to 2010 ... and NOW 2015, this page is unchanged from the year before.  Is this a good or a bad thing?  That is for you to decide.

Please do not take this too lightly, this is our community (act local).  As our country (think global) is ran by those we elect, they in turn run our country in trust for US.  Ensure YOUR interests are being met, be active in your community.  Know what is going on.  Do not believe one sided word bursts to know.  KNOW.  That includes from me as well.  We are only human.

The Annual Meeting is held February of each year ~ OK, so no it has not, but it isn't because of trying ... get active in the community and understand what that meant ... YAY!!!  February 2007 was my first meeting.  The only reason I went was because of .... hmmm ... I created a page for this, let me know if you would like the link to it.  Send me an e-mail at TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com (Subject Line: RiverWatch - and the subject)  

The position of the individual board member is NOT elected, but assigned once elections are complete.  There are five positions maximum, three minimum.  Meaning, if only four people run for the board - the top three people running are automatically elected and the fourth is a "stand-in" to re-place any board member who steps down or is duly elected out from serving the remainder of their term.  I am on the board (2007) because our management team / board members did not know this rule meaning only four people volunteered that year and the seated board said we MUST have one more ... and I was it  ~ :-( well, I was the one everyone in the room was looking at *stop looking at me*  BUT, all things for a reason and this one was very good ~ :-)

NOTE:  2007 saw two board members step down with no one else stepping up :-(so it IS good I was at that meeting)

Added 2/27/08:  The above is left as is, as the board is as it was the beginning of their term ... Feb. 2007

Added 1/4/2010:  The above has been left as it was originally written except for adding the date of the next annual meeting ... Feb. 16, 2010 and a link (here) to the story of how I ended up on the board.

Added 12/9/2010:  Changed the 2010 dates to 2011 ...

Added 1/25/11 - Meeting is the 28th - not the 16th (and as of the meeting 1/24/11, we have FIVE people on the board again :-) Ed and I voted for, Bill voted against ... (I feel this way if anything happens and Ed, Bill or I can not attend ~ the meeting will still go on ~ WELCOME KATHLEEN & FRANK!!!!)

Added 2/1/2011 - I trust everyone has received their annual Ameri-Tech "Notice of Annual Meeting and Election of Directors" mailing.  If I get softcopy I will post it here.  It is very important to either attend the annual meeting or to fill out and send in your proxy.

Yes - there is no list of volunteers (I hope the sitting board volunteers to stay sitting if no one else asks to dance) but there is a "Notice of Intent to be a candidate for the Board of Directors" ... maybe this is something that sould be included in the mailings during the year ... ?  Just thinking out loud. 

If you would like to run for the board ~ YAY!!!  I look forward to meeting you :-)  NOTE:  You MUST be willing (AND able) to attend all monthly meetings.

Added a Link to this page from my UPDATES October 11, 2011

Updated 3/10/12 ... Annual meeting for 2012 will be April this year. 

Updated 6/21/2015 - Check Meeting Notes - July 2015 Agenda.



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