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Black Propaganda

Well ... there are many ways to find out what "black propaganda" is.  Dictionary. com ; Wikipedia.com ; Google.com ... From the site http://www.psywarrior.com/sog.html  

It appears those whose mode of operation is black propaganda; revel in supplying just enough truth that the reality of what is really happening is missed. 

Yes ~ we went to trial December 4, 2007.  Our lawyer hopes to have the judge’s decision by mid January.  Yes, it is a long time, but when there are so many frivolous law suits filling our legal system ... oh well, one day it will be realized insurance is had and hoped NOT to be used.  Not had to be used for pay-offs :-( Look at the court report, in the opening statement )-: sadness :-( oh well, in the end all is good :-) 

Positive thoughts :-) I hope you have many (-: 


The above was written prior to January 2008 ... it is now April 2009 ... and still ... we wait :-( 

May 2010 ~ and done with the above 10 (?) year battle! 

Now onto courthouse appearance number FIVE ~ Thank Goodness the persecuted have a right to speedy trial ... unless of course they decide they would be better off dragging it out 3, 5, 10 ... & I digress. 

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