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Riverwatch Classified Section 

Do you have something for sale?  Want to buy?  Have to trade ... what ever ... If you are a community member of RiverWatch, please E-mail Evelyn with the details.

Areas available for the classified section:

  • Garage and yard sales
  • Items for sale of trade
  • Items wanted
  • Services available - do you have a service to offer?  Baby sitting, lawn mowing, dog walking ... ?
  • Services wanted - do you want to keep our dollars local (LOL!!! Like in our neighborhood :-)
  • Business owners - many of us are, what is our business ... share
  • What would you expect to find in a classified section?  Give me ideas ;-)
  • Ahhhh ... homes ... Maybe ... I'll have to see what kind of resources that would put on my system :-) ... but maybe ... (-:


  • Garage & Yard Sales
    Riverwatch Yard and Garage Sales: Do you have a garage sale you would like to advertise? Hold? Organize? Your *Trash* IS some one elses Treasure :-)
  • Items for Sales or Trade
  • Misc. Phone Numbers
    Who do you call if you need a new mail box? And other fun numbers to know ;-)
  • Leasing Information
    In the current housing market, we realize even though you may live elsewhere, you do not want to sell your home.
  • Services Available
    Services available in the classified section of the Riverwatch Housing Association
  • Services Wanted
    Services wanted in Riverwatch in the beautiful and historic city of Tarpon Springs.




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