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Last Community - Wide Garage Sale

RiverWatch Community Garage Sale

 October 22, 2011

Twice a year (coinciding with the fall (this year it is October 23) and spring (last year in April) clean-up) our community hosts a community wide garage / yard sale.  The dates will be added as each date are known each year.  Community members are free to have garage sales on other weekends as they choose, this is one a clearing our garage, homes and / or storage units for "out with the old, to make room for the new" event.

I received the notice 10/04/11 with the City of Tarpon Springs water bill that October 23, 2011 is the Tarpon Springs 2011 Fall Clean-up so the link is here :-)  Evie Note: Tarpon Springs water is VERY expensive >:-{

Advertising for our community wide sale is (USUALLY) done the Thursday and Friday (Oct. 20 & 21) before the sale and in the Saturday paper on the day of the sale, we will use our regular ad and also be on the garage sale map. 

However; If there are only a few people wanting to sell ~ we may only run the ad on Saturday.  E-MAIL To if you are planning to have a sale, your address, the hours you plan to "Be Open" Also - if you have something "Special" you would like me to list on the site - Include that and I will create a list.  Last year we had a LOT of traffic of buyers, but a very low supply of sellers.

So Far NO ONE has said they are having a sale on October 22, 2011 ~ Perfect day for clearing for new ... the ad will run Saturday ONLY ~ remember Sunday is the Fall Clean-Up Day 

The scheduled hours are from 9am to 3pm, but garage salers begin driving the streets as early as 6:30 and 7 am. 

To A GREAT Clearing :-)

Because one persons trash is another's treasures, the best way to make room for treasure to come into your life is to clear your space of the clutter.  Given that, below are tips for helping to Clearing Clutter

  • Ask yourself these questions:

    • Do I love it?
    • Do I need it?
    • Is it essential?
    • Does it enhance my life?
    • Do I actually use it?

Then: Sort your things into 3 piles – (boxes, bags, bins, tables)

    • Yes – I love it and I need it, it works and it’s useful AND I USE It.
    • No – Someone else can have it - see if it IS someone else's treasure and sell it.
    • No - Donate

For the items that did NOT sell that you do NOT love, do NOT need, are NOT essential, do NOT enhance your life, and you do NOT actually use ... for goodness sakes ...

  • Put them at the curb for pick-up 10/23/11
  • OR
  • Throw it in the trash

Garage Sale tips and links will be posted here.  If you have some you would like to share, please let us know.


I figure with all of the RiverWatch homes for sale this would also be an AWESOME day for Open Houses ~ but that is just me.  If you choose to utilize the increased flow of the traffic through our neighborhood this day to host an Open House - let me know also what your Open House is for and I will post your information :-)



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