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Evie Update December 07 - May 08 for TarponRiverWatch.com and our community of Riverwatch in Tarpon Springs Florida

 Monday - 05/26/08 (Great Memorial Day to all) 

Updated index page. I also updated my site development software ... WOW!!! xSitePro ROCKS!!!  Although it is almost like a whole new program ... OK - I'm going to play now ... uh, I mean work ;-)

Wednesday - 05/21/08

Cleaned up index page a bit.

Tuesday - 05/20/08

Last evening was very satisfying for something that began YEARS AGO with "Wal-Mart debate stirs passionate eloquence". Before the time we knew - had we known, we may not have bought, but we ARE SOOOOO glad we did ... buy that is :-)

Last night, the people present, percentage wise the highest attendees were those of living in RiverWatch. Thank you friends who sat through that cold January (05) night to do what was needed to be done to protect the land.

My humble opinion is, that land is protected. (-: :-( although walk past it ... the garbage really sucks ... )-: but we have a choice. And that so totally rocks!!! :-) Anyone want to clean it up one day and take pictures? It should last a few days if ID-10-T's would stop throwing thier trash out the window.

We have the choice to MAKE that land a preserve for the wild life --- some trails --- LOT'S of opportunity in this wonderful historic old town.

For Tarpon Springs to pass up a park on US 19 (yes, we have AL Anderson ... but what about a conduit of parks on a walk-able path to go through our downtown, the sponge docks ... holy cow ... oops ... what website am I on? LOL!!! I'm on a rant :-)

Coming soon ... pictures of morning walks :-) Oh, I think Wal-Mart would not want to show the world the ripping apart of such awesome splendor as is the Anclote River and what is in and around Tarpon Springs. Have a MOST excellent week. NOTE: picking up youngest daughter and 2nd youngest grandchild next week as our baby graduates Army Basic Training (so pleasant it has been changed from "Boot Camp") Memorial Day Weekend Friday. ... so am busy, busy, busy ...

Thursday - 05/15/08

The May meeting is officially cancelled :-) HOWEVER - the website will be updated with the progress of our many open items.

I hope to see MANY of our neighbors at the meeting in Tarpon Springs (Monday May 19, 2008 - 6pm) ... it is the board of adjustment meeting for Wally-world (for those who wonder what Wal-Mart is capable of, ask Levi Strauss, hint, say goodbye to what makes Tarpon Springs, Tarpon Springs) ... anyway ... just think, we can get a bench and watch the progress from RiverWatch, or just go sit on the dock - if that criminal act (imho) is allowed to go forth .... Deep

breath. I will update the website with what happens from the meeting 05/19/08. I am very "constrained" (?) here, but I have a few (several dozen ;-) other domains on the Internet (or as our peerless leader says "the internets" ... and back to the point ...) The other domains are some pretty good Global Presence type Internet Estate ~ IE ~ TheRiverWatcher.com being just one ;-) Gosh what a find that was (-; LOL!!! *fun to re-read and find added meaning to what I wrote*

Fixed the link to the updates I have done and when ... come on people now, smile on me brother ... when ya see something that needs to be fixed, if you can't fix it (what ever it is), tell some one who can :-) YAY!!! Team work (-:

Grandkids are spending the summer. Our oldest son is Air Force and he recently deployed for another tour in Iraq. Our youngest son graduates Army Basic Training May 30th 2008. So --- fun, fun, fun summer :-) and we WILL be at the park / playground frequently.

Monday - 05/05/08

Updated main page. Set up my rant area (-: bottom left side of the main page - anything longer, there will be a link ... benefit of having this soap box, doncha know. Don't want to know what I think, don't read it (-: or ... volunteer to be "keeper of the site" ... :-)



Saturday 04/26/2008

I think May will begin a new "what did Evie update page" when they start getting long, it makes it hard to see what has been updated when .. AND then if I have a glitch while updating a page that is really long --- a lot may be lost ... depending on backup dates and other factors ;-)

Updated the main page, this page (really I did :-) added the interim minutes from last meeting ... please give feedback (once the minutes are accepted, this link will be to the actual minutes :-) and I think that is it for now (-:

Thursday 04/24/2008

Updated main page - Next meeting concerning Wal-Mart (04/30) has been postponed. Changed contact e-mail address for TarponRiverWatch ... volunteers to help grow our community? Please e-mail me :-)

Our past meeting got very .... emotional ... ? ... not quite the right word, but close. As our economy continues to sink into the toilet, how do we protect our investment here in RiverWatch? My opinion ... we build community. Reminds me of an American Express commercial ... this $$$ that $$$ everything else $$$ your home and sanctuary = pricesless :-)

For those wondering WHO DID the WOW landscaping work ... a friend, neighbor, and hope to be our permanant landscaper. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! This is (Y)Our home!!! TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com

Sunday 04/20/2008

Yesterday, The Zone was the place to be!!! YAY!!! Friends of the Anclote River!
Thursday 03/27/2008

A neighbor said one of the drawbacks of living here is, it seems your home is never empty long. As the house empties one week it fills the next :-( hmmm ....

I have tenative minutes finished and will be uploading them by Saturday evening (I hope). Mulch for the playground ... holding pattern while we await "geo-cloth" (my interpretation of "air quotes" ;-) to ensure that nasty sand does not infiltrate back up (which it will )-: dastardly sand.

A trash can should be available at the park within a few weeks (PLEASE do not take advantage of it, and help take care ... this is ours :-)

I removed the forum ... no patrolling means you know what kinda "element" moves in (more "air quotes" ... my oldest grandchild loves 'em :-) and links to lil' blue, and higher education abounded ... so alas ... no forum for now. If you would like to be on a "crime watch" and moderate a board, give me a holler ...

Now back to work, work :-)

Saturday 03/15/2008

Pete and Ed are back at the playground, finishing the monkey bars ... YAY!!! Maybe within a few weeks (maybe two?) we can have mulch ... BUT, we need mulch spreading volunteers, and the ones who put together the playground, are happy with sand ... so ... I don't think they are waving their hands that they are going to do it :-) and as much as I prefer to have mulch, not sand ... I don't think my back will be in it for long ;-)

So ... if you would like to volunteer to spread mulch - let me know when you are available and if we can get a group to meet and do it ... we'll get it delivered :-) YAY!!! So whatcha waiting for - e-mail me :-) How's that for - sure, we can have that ... are you going to do it? HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!

Create the agenda and minutes page for 2008-03-17 (Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!)

Update the playground page for mulch volunteers - give you some time to think about what else you would like in our park :-)

Friday 03/07/2008

Added a forum - let's try this again.

Bad thing about the size of the site (currently 42 pages) what do I need to go back and change :-( YIKES ~ please if you see something that needs to be updated, send me the URL (in the address bar) and what it is that needs attention :-)
Wednesday 03/05/2008 

Where does time go? I know we ask ourselves this ... but ... hey, it's been nine days since our meeting. Things to be updated this day (links will appear as the page being added or updated is completed ... so please refresh your page loads today frequently ... thank you ... at least by about 7:00pm ish ... YAY!!! ;-)

Main Projects Page - Add an upper level view here. Drill down into reas and or categories. Add a completed projects drill down page. Update all of the projects and tasks (most will be in drill down pages, such as the Playground Page)

More will be updated as well, but having to hot seat my computer :-(

GOAL: A forum ... we've had one before - BUT - a forum not patrolled becomes a place for link bombers :-( Are you interested in moderating a forum? It can be about any topic you like or general :-) Even if you don't want to moderate, would you like a forum? TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com

I am still updating, but the next upload won't happen until tomorrow probably :-(

Meeting & Leadership has been updated (about time ;-)

Sunday 02/24/2008

Tomorrow is our annual meeting.

Today's Updates

    • Edited the date edited :-) Updated the info about the annual meeting and about running for the board.
    • The monkey bars are NOT ready to play on yet.
    • Community area dirt pile or king of the hill?
    • Playground tetherball information :-(
    • Dock Stickers

Saturday 02/23/2008

Ed and Pete are meeting at the playground again this morning (9:00am). Hope they see more of you out there as well.

Today's Updates

Monday 02/18/2008

Dock key information on the Main Projects Page ... we NOW have a deposit for the keys. $50.00 - it used to be a COST of $10.00 ...

Sunday 02/17/2008

Another day at the PLAYGROUND and the Projects Page  YAY!!! I am also updating the main page to show the last update, date ... LOL!!! You'll understand after I do it :-) also updated the Community Calendar  Annual Meeting Information pages.

Added-Services Wanted and a Services Available page. If you are either in need of a service or have one to offer, let me know and I will post it in the appropriate place. HERE is where you want to advertise to our community, NOT on your vehicle :-)

Saturday 02/16/2008

WOW!!! The PLAYGROUND is coming along GREAT!!! YAY!!! It is exciting to see something we have worked for ALL YEAR LONG come to fruition. Kinda sucks so few are helping to make the playground a reality, but hey ... it will be all worth the effort.

Which brings me to another worth while effort our community has been dealing with that has also come to fruition. Even though our declarations are still be flaunted by this person :-(

Tuesday 02/12/2008

Where does time go ... ? hmmm ... The playground has arrived ... RED ALERT!!!! Calling all volunteers Friday and Saturday. I also updated the projects page ... I may change the name from "to be added & updated" to "the projects page" ... whadaya think?
Wednesday 01/30/2008

Updated the main page. Created the PLAYGROUND ALERT page. I will probably create a page for issues we ALL need to address. Such as the mail boxes ... come on people now ... smile on me brother ... LOL!!! We all go by those white posts and boxes everyday. What does your mailbox say about the family that lives in your home?
Sunday 01/27/2008

Main page - changed the date for the playground dig from 1/26 to 2/2 ... We will have a backhoe and the area will be flagged if there are any underground utilities.

Our daughter had her first child Friday ... (our fourth grandbaby, second granddaughter :-) Born at 5:03PM EST weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds 1 ounce (Alexia Cadence was due 2/14/08, but decided to join us early :-)

Wednesday 01/23/2008 

Updated the landing page. The landing page is the first page someone would see if they just type in a high level domain name ... such as tarponriverwatch.com.

The regular index page is still here  I just wanted to make sure everyone SAW there is SOMETHING new here.

I am also updating the community events page. Community Calendar.

    • List of names of those willing to run for the 2008 RiverWatch Board of Directors
    • List of items to be addressed (deliverables) in 2008
    • Covenants, by-laws & ammendments to make them searchable ... we will be clafiying them this year :-)
    • What else would you like addressed: TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com 

Monday 01/21/2008

Sorry ... we blew it :-( The community center is closed on Federal Holidays :-)

Next weeks agenda (working document)  I also updated the Meetings calendar ... I was using a calendar that starts on Monday, so I had dated all of our meetings as being on Tuesday ... well ... s-h-o-o-t ...

Sunday 01/20/2008

My goodness, I've been a slacker ... but hey, I can be :-)

So what have I updated this beautiful cold day? Well, the main page ... duh ;-) Edited the general flow and updated the meeting space ... tomorrow is our monthly Home Owners Association Meeting ... YAY!!! LOL!!! From an attitude of gratitude, one can choose a positive response to just about anything :-)

So far (that I know of, but what do I know ... Hey!!! I'm just sayin' ;-) no one has stepped forward to say ... "Hey!!! stop the merry-go-round, I wanna get on!" But then that's just all of our loss :-( anyway, as long as Pete and I live here, I am keeping my membership to the park ;-) Come on in, the weather is beautiful, and our home is AWESOME!!!

Sunday 12/23/2007

Gosh what a year this has been. Hard to believe it will be done in 8 more days. Things I edited this day (so far ... it's only 7:00am ;-)

Community Stuff page ~ no community New Years Eve party, but what the heck, we have a WHOLE 'NUTHER year!!! Whooo Hooo!!!

May your 2008 be great, and the easiest way to do so, is let it be :-) Get Active, Get Involved, Make A Difference (-:

Friday 12/21/2007

Correct dates of future meetings (my calendar shows Monday as the first day of the week, so I was looking at Tuesdays dates ;-)

Edited our Covenants so they are easier to read. Also edited the "Rules, Regs & Other Stuff you Should Know" page. Also changed "rental" to "leasing"

Let me know if this works for you ... TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com

Thursday 12/20/2007

Added this page. I noticed we are getting a LOT of returning hits :-) YAY!!! (-: and it seems you are looking to see what has been changed. As this site gets larger, it is going to get harder to see the changes, so here ya go.

Updated the days until New Years (doesn't look like a party)-:

I have out of town house guests for the next week, so updates will be spotty.



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