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Entrance to Riverwatch  From US 19

Exit FROM Riverwatch onto US 19

Entering Riverwatch - driving north on US 19 from Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs ... Just before Northern Tool and Holiday Florida ...

Enter right side - after St. Lukes, Road to Boat Club, Vet Clinic, Boat Repair ~ TURN RT ONLY ... welcome to Riverwatch.

If you need to enter Riverwatch coming from Holiday, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Hudson, Spring Hill ~ etc ... Stay ON US 19 after passing Alt 19, go past Home Depot (you will want to be in the left lane) on the left there is an abandoned shopping center, and then Northern Tool - on the right is an AWESOME driving range (get links and info for here) ... go past the first cut-out that is for turning back to northern tool ... the next is the ENTRANCE ~ for ENTERING Riverwatch ... (NOTE:  My daughter saw a community member EXIT Riverwatch by using THIS ENTRANCE ... not only will this get you a ticket if the police see you do it, it can get you DEAD if a car were trying to make entrance ... or even worse - YOU may responsible for someone elses death ~ NOT GOOD)

I have also witnessed a commuity member using the US 19 south bound ENTRANCE into our community AS the place to exit our community and go South an US 19. 

Who Reads Signs???

This is also an area where you may encounter bikers, walkers, runners - STOP at the STOP SIGN before CROSSING the CROSSWALK (community member hit a bicyclist) it is suggested we put up a sign warning drivers of bikers, walkers, runners, etc.

When EXITING RiverWatch, even if you want to go south, you MUST go North first.  The first option to do a U Turn is the cut-out with the option to go West or do a U Turn.  The second option is across from a Church - you may go across US 19, into the Church or do a U Turn.  OR, you may go to the Light.

Do NOT EXIT RiverWatch by using the DO NOT ENTER (notice the SIGN?)

Riverwatch "estates" Although it is like life being a Holiday, Riverwatch is in Tarpon Springs Florida



~Suspicious Activity~

If you see something,
SAY something!

Call 911

Keep your vehicles & home LOCKED!

Don't be an"Easy Mark"

Tarpon Springs NON-Emergency
911 Info