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Frequently Asked Questions



Is Riverwatch Deed Restricted? YES!!!  Thank you for asking :-)  Our Docs & Stuff are located at here
What do I need to park in the boat dock area?  A need to launch a boat from there, a key, and a sticker.  OH!!!  AND, you must live here in Riverwatch.
How do I get a key?

The best way to get a key to the boat dock area is to get the key from the person selling you your home - OR - pay a deposit for a key.  The deposit is $50.00.  You get your $50.00 when you present us with the key AND the receipt for the $50.00 on the approved receipt pad :-) I don't think anyone has paid a deposit yet (-:

Our property manager has keys for the boat ramp.

How do I get a Dock Sticker?

To receive a sticker, you must show current proof of ownership and occupancy.  You also need a key to the dock.

As os Monday May 17th 2010 - Our property manager will also have the boat dock stickers.

Are there any pictures of Riverwatch? There sure are ... ok ... so they are currently being populated :-) But they can be found here ... If you have pictures you would like to submit - please send them to
 and I will do what needs to be done to get them posted in the appropriate area.
 Riverwatch Center (NOT the same as Riverwatch the community) Contact Information

 Jose M Martinez Office Phone (305) 604-1234

 What are the BIG Black Birds

They are Turkey Vultures and vultures are basically scavengers, that feed on carrion, in other words the carcasses of dead animals. Like other vultures, turkey vultures cannot kill their prey.

Turkey vultures have an extraordinary sense of smell, enabling them to discover carrion less than 24 hours of an animals death. The turkey vulture is also empowered with very sharp eye sight, which helps them in search food.

If need arises, turkey vultures can also live on vegetation - AND - YOUR GARBAGE!!!

+ Is Riverwatch Deed Resticted



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SAY something!

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