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Listing Agents and What Do They Do?  

There are several key players in the real estate business. For property owners who wish to sell real property (that being their home, business, or land) the listing agent is the MOST important.

The listing agent is a real estate agent who contracts with the property owner to represent the owner in the successful sale of their property in the least amount of time. 

A listing agent has several important responsibilities to the property owner, which they must fulfill in order to successfully sell the property, in which the listing agent is paid a percentage of the sale price at the closing of the transaction. 

The listing agent is responsible for marketing the property, presenting purchase offers to the owner, and overseeing the transaction from proposal to closing. In residential real estate, the listing agent works for the homeowner, but may also represent a buyer should the listing agent herself have a ready and willing buyer for the property.  In this instance the agent would transfer to a transactional agent and will be neutral to both parties. 

The listing agent differs from a buyer’s agent, who has the responsibility of assisting a buyer to locate property and representing only the buyer during a real estate transaction; a listing agent is responsible for marketing your property to a large audience of buyer’s agents.  

Among other tasks of a listing agent, she prepares listing and marketing material for your property, places your property in a multiple listing service (MLS) for other agents to access, thus widening the pool of perspective buyers and is responsible for staffing open houses, arranging private showings, and presenting and explaining all offers to purchase real estate to the property seller. The listing agent will also attend to the details of an accepted contract, such as inspections, and attend the closing with the seller. 

Listing agents, like all real estate agents, must be licensed in the state or province where the property they represent is located.  To assist in the sale or purchase of real property in Florida, listing and buying agents MUST be licensed in Florida. 

Once a home or property owner enters into a listing contract with a listing agent, both parties are bound to the contract for a specified period of time. If, after the listing period expires, the listing agent has not found a buyer for the property, the property owner is free to enter into another contract with the same or different listing agent. 

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