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Board Meeting
:-(if we are able to get the room)-:
Monday ~ Jan. 28, 2007
~ 7:00pm ~
400 S. Walton
Tarpon Springs Community Center 

Are you interested in volunteering for the board?
Currently two positions are open. 
Annual meeting is Feb. 2008 - would you like to run for the board? 
We need a minimum of five people interested in assisting our community.
This is yOUR home ~ let's make it GRAND, we need you to make it so.

Your neighbors now know what to do when they see you zipping about our community.

Y(our) community needs you. 

Even if you can't devote time to serve on the board, you CAN make a difference by attending the meetings.  Or requesting agenda pre-meeting, sending input via e-mail, then follow up with the minutes (-: Most of this can be accomplished via the website ~ keeping the cost down, doncha know ;-) 

Know what is going on in your community.  This is our home.  We are our neighbors.  Let's have a wonderful home, with GREAT neighbors. 

And please, stop the drama ... the writers are on strike ;-) 

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 We are awaiting the outcome from trial (12/04/07).  I am told we should expect a ruling January sometime.  Positive thoughts, this ends once and for all.

Yes, we know there will be appeals if the "losing" party doesn't STOP!!!
Through the Law (of attraction), Common Sense will prevail ~ I believe. 
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Sincerely ~ Evelyn (Evie) Conner

Board of Directors 2007
Ed Zisman: President 727-939-2755
Bill Pantoni: 727-937-7850
Evelyn Conner: 727-455-9100
Two Open Positions

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