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I just became aware of a conference being held - Tomorrow :-( 3/27/10

I will start watching for stuff like this ~ Great Information :-)

A Few Good Men & Women (A-1)

Learn how to strategically search for volunteers to serve on a board. It’s never too late to create a recruitment plan!

It’s a Tree, a Flag Pole, No It’s a Cell Tower (A-2)

After attending this workshop, community leaders will understand FCC restrictions and other legalities when it comes to cell towers.

All Together Now! Importance of Diversity (A-3)

Neighborhoods today are more culturally diverse than ever before. Learn to minimize problems with a little effort and understanding.

Show Me the Money! Grants  (A-4)

Learn how to search for grants to benefit your neighborhood.  As grant programs become more popular and competitive, it’s more important than ever before to obtain some background on grant writing.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping—SB 2080 (A-5)

A Florida-friendly yard doesn’t merely offer a beautiful landscape, but also protects our natural resources and preserves Florida’s unique beauty.  Taught by the University of Florida’s Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) Program and the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Empty Houses Full of Trouble (A-6)

Find out how law and code enforcement officers are working to fight crime in neighborhoods caused by vacant homes. Also, learn about the recently implemented Hillsborough County Abandoned Property Registration Ordinance.

Speak with Confidence (A-7)

Explore ways to improve your communication with public agencies and elected officials. Hear tips on how to advocate your position and commanding a group’s attention.

2010 Legislative Session  (A-8)

Thousands of bills are filed every session. Learn how to weave through the maze and work with Legislators.

9 Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping (B-1)

A properly maintained Florida-friendly yard can help homeowners conserve water and reduce water pollution.

Election Myth Busters & Adopt-A-Precinct (B-2)

Get a reality check on your election knowledge. Find out about Adopt-A-Precinct, a way for neighborhoods to raise funds and for voters to receive excellent service on Election Day.

How Do Neighborhoods Survive Foreclosure? (B-3)

For those neighborhoods dealing with a flood of foreclosed properties.

Fair Housing/Section 8 ( B-4) - Learn the truth about

Fair Housing and Section 8, and how your neighborhood can benefit from these programs.

What Can Be Recycled? Curbside Pick-up (B-5)

A little recycling education will go a long way and help increase recycling in your neighborhood.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Reserving for the Future (B-6)

In these economic conditions, it is more important than ever for communities to adequately budget for and prioritize capital repair projects. Without this sort of contingency plan can result in special assessments, or worse, deteriorating property conditions and property values. This session will explore the benefits and process of establishing a plan.

Feed Me! Importance of Web site Updating (B-7)

There are many social media tools to help neighborhoods reach their audience … Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Which one will you use? Also, learn about content management for your neighborhood’s Web site to make it as relevant and user-friendly as possible.

Catch Me If You Can! Rain Barrels (B-8)

Florida receives a yearly rainfall average of 52 inches, and most of it falls off of roofs and driveways, picking up pesticides and pollutants that eventually find their way into our waterways. Rain barrels are a convenient and effective solution! It’s green and it’s fun!

Eyes In the Neighborhood! Who Needs Crime Watch (C-1) 

Learn how to start an official crime watch program, which will give your neighborhood additional resources and support from local law enforcement.  Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the Cities of Tampa and Temple Terrace.

Leadership Partners: Youth & Adults Working Together (C-2)

Strong neighborhoods need a strong intergenerational bond. Learn how to get adults and students working together to design, carry-out and evaluate projects to address community needs.

To the Powers That Be—HOA Officers (C-3)

Understand the various issues relating to the operation of condominium and homeowners Associations in Florida.

Learn It, Grow It, Eat It—Community Gardens (C-4)

Establish, increase neighborhood support, jump zoning hurdles and find a suitable property.

Who’s Maintaining Your Neighborhood? (C-5)

Obtain information on the maintenance responsibilities of the Hillsborough County Public Works—Transportation Maintenance Division. Find out about various measures residents and HOAs can undertake to improve their communities.

Empty Houses Full of Trouble (C-6)

(See description for A-6)

Using Art As A Community Building Block (C-7)

How can a community come together through an art project? What does it take to design and implement a project to guarantee its success? What about funding? Learn about community mural projects and other art activities that have successfully brought a community together and enhanced aesthetics.

Association Leaders Networking Session (C-8)

Share resources, tools, information and “best practices” to help drive positive results for your neighborhood.

Hands On Hillsborough (Open House)  Hillsborough County is seeking your input on an exciting new interactive addition to our Web site!

Soon you’ll be able to report a problem or concern from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. In this session, we’ll introduce you to this interactive service and we need your help to determine how to make sure it meets your needs.

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