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Mr. Moulton:

Good afternoon.  I attended a meeting of the Riverwatch Homeowners Association last night with the Mayor and City Manager.  Riverwatch is located on the east side of U.S. 19, just south of the Pasco County line.  A number of residents voiced their concerns regarding vehicular access in and out of their neighborhood and I was directed to forward their concerns to FDOT for appropriate action.  Specifically, they had the following comments.

  1. Vehicles exiting Riverwatch northbound on U.S. 19 are having difficulty merging into traffic since the improvements were made to the roadway adjacent to Northern Tool.
  2. The southbound to eastbound median turning lane on U.S. 19 does not allow enough stacking of vehicles during peak hours.
  3. Additional street lights are needed at the intersection of U.S. 19 and Riverwatch Boulevard so the entrance is more visible to drivers.

I’ve attached an aerial photograph from 2006 of the area for reference.  Please contact the property manager, Tony Toscano of Ameri-Tech Property Management at 727-639-1248 or 727-726-8000 if you need additional information.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Joseph A. DiPasqua, CBO, CFM

Development Services Director

City of Tarpon Springs

P. O. Box 5004

Tarpon Springs, FL 34688-5004



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