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Evie Updates June 08 - December 09 for TarponRiverWatch.com and our community of Riverwatch in Tarpon Springs Florida 

December 26, 2009 - Saturday

Happy Holidays!!!! 

Boy the days sneak up faster than I am prepared for them to do so ... By Monday I plan (hope) to have the minutes from the meeting on the 21st done and to also have the website updated ... with a clear "day view" picture of our beautiful community ~~~ Thanks Jerry :-)

I added the 2010 meetings over in the meetings area.  I am VERY open to feedback as to how to make this site better and more of a resource for YOU.  

December 19, 2009 - Saturday

Update the online agenda to match the one posted. Main Page to reflect meeting coming up on Monday (Wonderful Winter Solstice) ~

December 09, 2009 - Wednesday

Updated the December agenda to add 8.2 ~ If you have any additions you would like added to the agenda - please drop me an e-mail.

December 07, 2009 - Monday

Working on the site at my new treadmill desk - not a commercial one, but it works just as well.  I'd much prefer taking my outside walks - but somethings just aren't a *smart* thing to do :-( LOL!!!  Thank goodness the vast majority of humanity is made up of smart people ;-) anyway - all the sitting and not walking have been taking their toll --- so today I filled in some of the proposals pages, edited the main page to show it :-) and I am also working on the minutes area.

If you have feedback on the minutes for November 2009 e-mail me NLT NOON on 12/21 - SUBJECT: November Minutes  If you want something added to the December agenda - email me no later than COB Friday 12/18 SUBJECT: December Agenda 

I am thinking about installing a blog for the updates portion of the site.  Blogs are driving more traffic :-)  And with how many homes available in our beautiful community the better it is to get traffic.

... and I am expecting another rush of traffic shortly ... IF YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL YOUR HOME in Riverwatch - get me your information and we will post it in the "For Sale" area of the site - NO Charge.

December 04, 2009 - Friday

MY Goodness where does the time go?   

I updated the main page with a link to the working agenda for the meeting to be held 12/21/09 ... it will be posted at the bulletin board in the dock parking lot once it is official and will not be changed (NLT Saturday afternoon 12/19/09) SO - if you have something you would like addressed during the meeting - please drop me an e-mail () and it will be added.  If you have any feedback or whatever - please feel free to let me know.  Thank you :-)

November 16, 2009 - Monday (after the meeting)

WHOO HOO :-) I don't know how accurate they are at this point - but I got them written and posted.  If you have feedback or wonder what meeting I was at - please give me feedback ~ Thank You ~

So what did I do?  I edited the landing page to show the next meeting date, added my notes from tonight, edited the notes from last month to make them approved minutes ... and added this blurb as to what I did.

November 16, 2009 - Monday (before the meeting)

Tonight is our monthly Home Owners Association meeting and our annual budget meeting.  My goal is to have the notes from this evening posted before tomorrow morning.

November 13, 2009 - Friday

Updating the agenda - the Annual Budget meeting and the regular meeting must be seperate(?) and so seperate they shall be.  The sign will be at the entrance/exit by the end of the day today ... any more feedback for the agenda - please get it to me NO LATER THAN NOON Saturday 11/14/2009.  Thank You.

November 11, 2009 - Wednesday

Added the WORKING agenda to the site - if you would like to add something, please e-mail me at with the SUBJECT Line:  AGENDA - for HOA Meeting.  The official agenda will be live and posted no later than 7pm Saturday evening. PLEASE either attend the meeting or get your proxy into Ameri-Tech or one of the board members - Voting on budget items and our budget for 2010.

I removed the threat of murder from the front page, but it will still be listed on the site :-(It may have been done as a "publicity stunt" but done it was - TWICE )-: the news is filled with "people" doing what he threatened to do.  For those who wish to know more, the Inside Edition link still carries the story and doing a few minutes of searching the Internet will uncover even more interesting stuff (warning: Googling me there is a LOT ~ gosh I love the Internet)

The threat of murder has been made against the board members of our association.  InsideEdition.com 

May all be blessed in the choices we make responding to this person's acts ... as he continues to freely choose what he does or does NOT, as he has since the beginning.

The River Watcher  

October 29, 2009 - Thursday

Updated landing page to alert neighbors to the work being done by volunteers this coming Sunday morning.  If you would like to help out - YAY!!!  If not, that's OK too ... the same volunteers that are usually the drivers will be there to keep our HOA dues at $557 for ANOTHER year - This is the third year in a row the HOA dues have not been raised.  This is of course assuming all homeowners pay their $557 annual dues :-( anyway - I digress ... Thank You to ALL the volunteers EVERYWHERE :-)

I also updated the "Boat Proposal" page: I haven't heard anything, anymore from anyone ... is the boat dock and parking area an issue?  If so, we DO need community involvement.  Help shape the future, get involved.



October 21, 2009 - Wednesday

Sorry took another day to get the notes up.  Remember they are NOT official minutes until the next meeting, after updating, editing or adding anything.  Until then, they are the notes, vote's and to do's I documented about the actions, decisions, etc. of the board during the meeting. 

October 19, 2009 - Monday Updated for the meeting tonight.

Notes written from tonight's meeting - sent to Board members for input and clearence to post, Including legal issue.

October 17, 2009 - Saturday

Added the agenda for Monday's meeting.  We are also to meet with the manager of the property at RiverWatch center at 6pm (same place as our meetings) be there if you can.  If not we will discuss (10,000 foot view) what was discussed (ground level) during our meeting.  I (Evie) will take notes and put them online for all to read.

updated the main page - due to the updates ;-)

Note to any who may gripe about what I put up here ... NOT that I've heard any gripes at all ... am I REALLY that good ... LOL!!! 

The only feedback I've gotten is *good job* --- hearing someone tell me, someone told them --- means the same thing as *I was flipping channels and heard something about something* but I didn't stick around to find out what it was about.

IF you have input on how I may do this better - let me know ... feedback IS a good thing. 



September 23, 2009 - Wednesday

LOT's of housekeeping today.  I added the notes from Monday's meeting. Edited how the minutes show - I broke them down by year.  The list was getting too long and I need to add minutes from before I started doing them - so it mean a lot of typing :-(

Edited the notes from 8/17/09 and I am just waiting for Tony's sign off of the edits before marking them as official.

Moved the boat dock proposal into what I will call our proposals (on the table?)

I'm also adding back in the line between entries.

September 21, 2009 - Monday

Updating the landing page (the page you land on when you type in TarponRiverWatch.com) Moved around the *stuff* on the upper right side of the page.  Does it make more sense this way?

Also removed the line between entries to see how that looks - will wait for some feedback before putting them back.

September 19, 2009 - Saturday

Updated my notes from 8/17/09 - added the agenda for Sept. 21, 2009 meeting and also added a PROPOSED boat dock proposal.

August 30, 2009 - Sunday

Working on updating this VERY outdated website :-| so - linking to updates:

Monthly Individual Issues to Address added other issues needing to be addressed. If there are items you need to address on the list, get them accomplished, or don't gripe if you get sent to ... doh doh doh the fining committee (after, of course, several violation letters).  This is one of the wonders of living in a deed restricted neighborhood ... we can expect our neighbors to take care of their home, just as we do ours, so our entire community is better for the awesomeness that is. ... oops ... sorry - Rant Off ... back to updating the site - stay tuned.

Deleted old pages that received little to no traffic and contained old information :-( and I think I'm done for the day :-)

August 20, 2009 - Thursday

I am currently updating the site - minutes, notes, landing page, what else ... links will be active once done. 

There is also an update on the long standing issue everyone wants to know what is happening.  Thank Goodness for writers such as Lorri Helfand.  You may read the latest in the saga here ... who needs reality TV, huh?

August 14, 2009 - Friday

Can you believe it, it is almost another meeting!!! Wow ~ time flies when having fun ;-)

Anyway - posted the working agenda.  If there is something more you would like posted IN the agenda, let me know so I will have enough time to get it posted at the dock NLT 6PM 8/15/09 :-)

... Otherwise ~ h-o-l-d it ~ until open questions from the floor.

Other updates are/were the landing page. The page with the meeting information.  Posted a link to a map of the location.  Adding that the "Official" agenda is posted at the boat dock no later than 48 hours before the meeting.  And updating some of the high lights of what can be done.

There is a Pre-Meeting before the meeting this month.  A manager for the company managing the Riverwatch Center wants to meet with the board.  Since he wants to meet with the board, it is open to the members as well.  We will be meeting with him 6pm 8/17/09 ~ Please be there is interested. ---- UPDATE: Not on the 17th ... possibly the 24th.

July 21, 2009 - Tuesday

I typed up my notes from last night.  I got a bit more verbose and had questions; so notes, not minutes yet they be.  Changed the front page upper left corner ... one day ... some year ...

I will be editing and adding over the next few days.

PLEASE - if you see something that should be edited, added, changed, removed, or any other thing ~ email me at without feedback I just keep going and going and going ...

Because of the Bocce Ball question I have added The Games People Play section.  Have a game you would to get neighbors out to play?  Drop me an e-mail - this website is here FOR you and it is provided because THIS is what I do.

July 19, 2009 - Sunday

Meeting is tomorrow.  I edited the front page, added the agenda, cleaned up a bit around the place ... do you know there are 73 pages on TarponRiverWatch now?  YIKES!

I did searchs and trends research today to see how River Watch is doing.  Page ONE baby  for all main keywords :-)  LOL!!! I love what I do and not getting feedback just goads me to be more ... more ... ? ... Evie?

As for Google.com/trends - WOW! There are LOT's of searches for River Watch and even for that term alone, we are on page one.

SERIOUSLY - if you have a business, service, hobby, whatever; that you would like others to know about ... drop me an e-mail and we WILL get you noticed. - the price is what you feel it worth AFTER you see some results.  The cost of NOT doing something are HUGE.

I will be developing RiverWatchCenter (.com, .net, .org and .info) shortly.  These are privately owned by Evelyn.

July 13, 2009 - Monday

oh my goodness ~ I neglected to update the website for almost a MONTH :-(

Today I will be bringing the site back up to date.  Post notes from last month. ... and what else ... check back by COB today (that would be tomorrow morning for most folks) I will update through-out the day as I am able.

June 15th, 2009 - Monday

Time to come to meetin' night ... YAY!!!  Our fine Tarpon Springs Police Department will once again provide security for those who attend and those who also happen to be at the Tarpon Springs Community Center as well. 

The choices of so very few affect SO many :-( how much is this costing not only OUR community, but so many MORE as well )-: ...oh well ... we all are accountable for what we do ... and so, with that - tonight is MEETING NIGHT! And the Tarpon Springs Community Center will be one of the safest places this evening.  Thank You TSPD :-)

So what have I updated? I added the agenda to tonights meeting :-( I should have posted it here same time as I did the one at the doc ... long story ... I will from now on :-)

I posted the Architectural/Grounds change *form* but had problems - so created a *likeness* page and added Tony's e-mail for the contact to get the form (if you don't want to have some fun with formatting ;-)

June 10th, 2009 - Wednesday

I went back and forth MANY times rather or not to put the link to TheRiverWatcher. I registered all of the river watch domain names with the intent that ONE would be used for our community RiverWatch. 

When I broached the topic of using TheRiverWatcher for our community website ~ WHOA ~ I knew that wasn't going to happen - BUT since I AM one. THE RIVER WATCHER is safe and secure as a name meant for assisting Our Rivers. 



June 9th, 2009 - Tuesday

Lot's of traffic to the site again :-| Wish we could think it was for people anxious to live here ~

May 30th, 2009 - Saturday

Yeowza Wowza ~ THANK Goodness for reporters such as Lori Helfand who writes articles that are researched :-) 

Peter wants me to not update this site - or any of my other domains while we *Wait this out* but that means I have to STOP LIVING while some one yaps ... LOL!!!  I mean come ON!  That's my job :-) and I just say No.

Bright Blessings To ALL and may you live forever well in every choice you make.

May 19th, 2009 - Tuesday

Updating the website with the official minutes from 04/20/2009 :-(and the NOTES from last night I AM going to *minute* them this time ... ok - so they are a *work in process* but that's what life is as well :-) FEEDBACK WELCOME AND IS MY FRIEND even "it sucks" but tell me WHY :-)    Thank you

Moved around the front page stuff.  What do you think?  Did I lose anything in the process?

Next board meeting is June 15th, 2009.  I hope we have a LOT of progress by then.  It will NEVER be ALL done.  That's just the way it is ... isn't it GREAT!!!  To those who say "You BETTER get it done!" ... let me explain a fact ... when you get it all done, you are done.  Done.  I mean complete. done, dead, gone, shrivel up and dust away :-(

Go for the best you can, and then when you are comfortable ... s-t-r-e-t-c-h :-)

Don't like my analogy?  Want to take over the website?  :-)  LOL!!!  One day ... one day ... Feedback :-) Take over :-) Whatever ... just keep hostilities out of ~whatever~ what a waste of energy ... win~win~win~...~+1 anything other ... what is your goal?  What are you trying to accomplish?  What is it you want to have as your *reward* for what you do?  If you don't know - either ask how to find out or STF-up :-)

WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Love it :-)

This is my win - what is your's?  You don't like my win?  How can we make our wins win for all?

Thank You ~ Stepping down off soap box ... NEXT!!!



May 18th, 2009 - Monday 

Meeting tonight :-)

May 8th, 2009 - Friday

Community proper area Well Pump has been fixed :-)

May 7th, 2009 - Thursday

Our well pump has met it's match during a terrible drought :-( the pump is being addressed.  Thanks NIK's & Crew , Tony &  Haney Wells (contact info to follow)

What AM I updating?  LOTS of clean-up ... holy smokes do you know how many pages there CURRENTLY are?  LOL!!!  How about the ones no longer relevant but here they are?  LOL!!! even MORE ... whew ...

April 24th, 2009 - Friday

Added Tony's Gripe Page :-) Gotta Gripe?  E-mail Tony.  

Re-Arranged the front page a bit.

April 21st, 2009 - Tuesday

 Meeting notes of Monday April 20th, 2009 have been posted.  My goal is to make weekly updates to the notes from feedback received from those who were there (unless some one else would like the honor of compiling the minutes this time :-)

NLT the Monday before the next meeting May 18, 2009 the *NOTES* will be frozen for editing to be official the night of 5/18.  The one person who said you can't have them like this ... last two months with Evie verbose prose ... give me some feedback BEFORE 10 minutes before the meeting ... otherwise your silence is AOK :-)  THANK YOU :-)

If the website is too obscure, or there are not enough links to it let me know :-) I mean, my goal is to preserve / promote / protect my awesome community ... even if some times it isn't always Fun! it does make me HaPpY :-)

April 20th, 2009 - Monday

TONIGHT is our Monthly Riverwatch HOA meeting.  7:00pm SHARP it starts ... the Mayor is due to arrive @ 7:30pm.  Be there or be square and if you aren't there ... no itching in public either :-)

Thank You ~ That is all ~ over and out ... Roger!

FANTASTIC Turn-Out :-)  YAY!!! 

THANK YOU :-)  I WILL have the INTERIM Meeting Notes POSTED by 4:00pm Tuesday 4/21

*Official* Minute Re-Writer(s) Gladly Welcome (Tony would thank you too :-)  Unless of course every one IS fine with Evie speak minutes :-)

April 16th, 2009 - Thursday

I will be updating the site later today with the agenda for Monday's meeting and the questions for the Mayor.  The Mayor is due to arrive at 7:30, we plan to have our meeting from 7pm to 7:30pm.

Anyone want to have a beer, margarita, glass of tea or water at Chili's after the Mayor's visit?

Agenda for the meeting April 20th 2009

April 7th, 2009 - Tuesday

Evie moment yesterday - sorry :-|  I over RE-act some times :-( those who know me, know this - those who didn't Welcome!!!  :-)

Yes - I will keep updating the website.  I started it so our community knows what is happening when and that is what I shall continue to do :-) Just certain things can not be discussed ... those calling and e-mailing know this, and you KNOW who you are ...  so ... STOP IT. 

Thank you so very much :-) 

YAY!!!  (those thinking this person is {whatever} that's ok, this is my normal :-)

YES - we are still looking for a resident who will take pity on everyone and take over the care and feeding of our website.  

I'll continue providing the hosting space w/in reason, of course ... ie 6 meg pics and stuff ... YIKES!!!  Yes - I love my camera but YEOWZA it creates huge files ... any way ... come on ... who would like the soap box?  You can build on it ... paint it (uh - I think it has to go through the architectural committee first - but as long as it isn't purple with a unicorn ... oooohhhh unless ... maybe ... with a hill and a rain cloud and rainbows and RAIN ... :-)

PLEASE HAVE Questions For the Mayor (During her visit at our next HOA meeting) e-mailed to Tony No Later Than (NLT) TUESDAY April 14th 2009 ... this weeks Tarpon Springs Sentinel Mayor Billiris discuss's The Florida League of Cities meeting and what Home Rule means to us?  LOL!!!  Lot's of good stuff out there friends and neighbors, we just need to share it.  By *IT* I mean things like knowledge (not yer money ... LOL!!! if that was your first thought (money) ... zzzzz ... it's like chutes and ladders and you just went back ... )

Have an awesome night all ... and if you have dreams of doing this better .... WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

I love you man :-)

April 6th, 2009 - Monday

Site looking for volunteer webmaster (mistress :-)

I am who I am and I write and ... LOL!!!  No Comment :*-(  OH YEAH!!!  Also need some one to volunteer to take minutes ... see mine 'nuff said :-) or we gotta pay $50.00 a month ... sorry ... it IS what it is and if not for those who volunteer - no one will be there when we are needed ... and see ... I write ... :-)

April 5th, 2009 - Sunday

Currently updating to say Thank You to Mr. Wirth for his call to Lorri Helfand of the St. Pete Times who went on to write an article (after doing what was right ... Thank You also Lorri :-)  TarponRiverWatch.com is getting a LOT of traffic (sorry to those who are trying to understand what I've written ~ LOL!!! have fun with it 'cause I'm not really sorry ;-)

NOTE:  As of April 5th 2009 only Evie can take responsibility for any mean things written here (if you speed in a residential area or run stop signs ... yes ... you too may be a moron (and by moron I mean a$$hole) I've seen the after affects of children hit by cars ... SLOW DOWN!!!! Where ever you live.  See?  Thank you Mr. Wirth.

Other Note:  I call blood suckers, blood suckers in our interim minutes :-)  This is NOT meant to offend medicinal leaches :-)  I'm talking about walking, talking, living, breathing, two legged, human kind of blood sucker :-)  AND That is meant for blood suckers any where :-)  WHOOOO HOOOO ... someone please edit ... thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

May your Sunday BE Awesome and your week filled with wonder ~ Evie Board Member and Owner of TheRiverWatcher.com

WOW - I have a LOT of sites I need to update ... oh well, it's off to work I go ~

GREAT AND AWESOMENESS One and All ~ It's your choice. 

Please make note of stuff that needs to edited, moved, changed ... what ever and e-mail me at as everything is written by one ... LOL!!! and when what is written is meant for all - that seems kinda dumb for it all to HAVE BEEN written by one ... but it IS what it is - and just cause it is doesn't mean that is the way of it ... understand that grasshopper ... :-)  YAY!!!  AGAIN :-)

April 4th, 2009 - Saturday  as all

WHOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO !!! We made the paper!!!  Thank you Mr. Wirth (never mind the threat to kill someone ... we all just say that type thing ... ??? yea - whatever ;-)

Let's see what kind of traffic our MOST Excellent community get's now. 


OK - enough dumb stuff ... choices are choices and the ball has always been in his court.  K-sir-rah-sir-rah ... public record being what public record is - those whose job it is to ferret out the truth (remember black propaganda stuff now - that is not fair or right and will be held against one :-)

... it is now in the hands of those who can (and whose job it IS) to get the facts and make them public. 

Me - being a board member ... I am here to do what is right and sometimes that sucks - but I am so very thankful I am able to freely to what I feel to be right ... so thank you :-)  May this issue be over soon ...



March 29, 2009 - SUNDAY

Twelve days after last posting :-(  I am completing the minutes :-) Hey!!! depending on your view this is good - I am getting it done (finally) or bad ... why did it take so long?  LOL!!!!  Why's are only stories (fairy tales all ... true or false) so it is what it is and they are being done ... check back later today ... shooting for another two hours and it is now 10:30am :-)

Main Projects AREA Page:  This page designates the area and overall stuff with the area.  If there is in depth stuff, there will be drill down from the relevant area.

WHOOOOO HOOOOO Minutes from March are NOW live and it isn't even the end of the month yet (hey two days to spare ;-) sorry ... but I can spin many stories as to why they didn't get done ... what kind would you like to hear :-)

I am also updating the general layout of the site itself, or at least the colors ... feedback good - please feel free to say HEY! ... hmmm ... maybe a Riverwatch Blog?  ...  I like the forum idea ... thoughts? 



March 16, 2009 ~ Monday

Great Meeting :-)  Goal is to have the meeting minutes posted to the site by mid day Friday :-)



March 13, 2009 ~ Friday


I have never been an "oooohhhh Friday the 13th...."  If anything ~ I am a *Friday the 13th WHOOOOO HOOOO!!!!*  ... hmmm maybe take a walk down to get my lottery tickets :-)  Anyway ...

Wal-Mart ... guess what? ... March 11, 2009 Paul Yoslar, P.E. Tampa Regulation Department (Southwest Florida Water management District) acknowledged he received the request to withdraw the permit application 44013744.004 ~ and let the requestors know anything further starts from scratch.


Sorry one person who wanted Wal-Mart (see DeadlyTraffic.com) as their backyard neighbor.  I hope you have successfully moved so you do have them :-)

Agenda items page - add the *agenda/minutes* page for March - done. 

All who have feedback on the minutes from last month, please get them to me for the meeting on Monday. Thank you :-)

See ya Monday :-) if you are there ... and not, if ya aren't

Feb 20th, 2009 ~ Friday

OK - so it isn't Thursday ... but it's before the weekend :-)  Meeting minutes have been posted for the annual meeting this past Tuesday (and remember they are written in un-edited Evie speak ... so ... feedback is greatly thank you'd for ;-) 

I am working on stuff for the website (like a forum) but if we go forward we will need moderator volunteers.  The only requirement for that is to live in the community and want to help make it better (and have a computer and spend some time on the forum ~  LOL!!! kinda like an electronic welcome wagon ... kind of.

Feb. 17, 2009 ~ Tuesday ~ Annual Meeting, HOA Monthly Meeting

We had TEN home's represented (only one vote per household counts) thank goodness for the six proxies that were also sent in.  Thank you all who came to the meeting or sent proxies.  Having 159 homes and needing 10% - the minimum number needed is not 15, but 16.  So ... thank you, thank you very much all who attended OR returned the proxy we each received last month.

We have TWO NEW BOARD MEMBERS - which means we have FIVE AGAIN!!!!  WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!  Ask not - what's in it for me - but what can I do to help and there/here we are :-)

I will have the TENTATIVE meeting minutes posted by the end of the day Thursday (2/19/09)

Tomorrow, Wednesday 2/18/2009 - my hair will be cut and sent to Wigs for Kids (link to follow) maybe I'll post pictures.  I am going from long to short/short/short :-)  Peter is getting his hair cut so mine won't be shorter than his.


January 31, 2009 - Saturday


YAY!!! Bob - Bob is a handy many type of guy and he really wants to see our community service directory succeed.  Do you have a service or product residents of Riverwatch may like to know about?  Please send info to We CAN make a difference.  I will add my name for website creation (like this - I'm not that good ;-) But I ROCK for site optimization (-: well, the software I use does :-)

January 19, 2009 - Monday

Oops - Today is Martin Luther King Day :-)  YAY!!!  His "I Have a Dream" speech broadcast today at noon on CNN ... very nice ... very, very, very nice ~ Thank You Universe May Today and Tomorrow Usher in the Shift of Paradigm to that of Awesomeness, WOW and New Partnerships :-)

Then it was back to work and an e-mail from Tony - Meeting cancelled ~ Today is MLK Day ... Why Yes - Yes it is :-)


January 18, 2009 - Sunday

Tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new week.  Bringing if not change it self tomorrow - or even the day after that :-) it is here and WE are a part of it (-:  You get to choose "are you good change or bad" ... think Glenda in The Wizard of Oz ... bad change - a house shall be dropped upon your head and your feet will coil up and someone steals your shoes ;-)

TOMORROW Night (be there or read this and wonder what happened ;-) is our first Riverwatch Homeowners Association meeting of the year!

Next Month (February) is our annual Board elections ... YAY!!!  Wanna be on the board? 

Lots of fun ... really ... it is ... I'm serious ... LOL!!!  You'll just have to volunteer to find out if I'm fibbing or not.

 December 16, 2008 - Tuesday

Posted the meeting minutes from November.  I'm working on the minutes from last night.  I will post them to the site as TENTATIVE they are not official until approved at the next meeting.

I updated the meeting minutes page.  I added the list of meeting minutes to the bottom of the page (no Evie Speak :-)  LOL!!! let me know if you want the links listed at the TOP of the page :-P 

WHOOO HOOO - and I added a search tool (bottom right of the main page :-)

December 15, 2008 - Monday

Is it that time ALREADY?  My goodness, time flies ... especially this time of year ... We have a HOA meetin' tonight!

Good meeting ~ 13 people NOT including board members! whooo hooo(?) ...

I will be posting the meeting minutes for last month, tomorrow (after edits made 12/15/08). 

Once I am done writing minutes from 12/15/08, I will post them on the site as well.  The minutes are TENTATIVE until the next meeting (EXCEPT the To Do's - we need to start getting on those like yesterday instead of waiting until next month )-:  I will also post our NEXT STEP's (to do's) and due date's ... Let's make 2009, the year to align, and come online ...

Never will we control all the circumstances happening around us - but we ALWAYS have had, will have and currently DO have control of our response to any circumstance ... we can choose to be hero or villian, we can choose to be willing or not, we can choose to be for or against, we can choose to speak up or stay silent, we can choose to be invisible or STAND UP AND DECLARE ... ~ I AM HERE ~ I AM HERE ~ I AM HERE ~ ... or we can choose to let our choices be made for us - because to NOT make a choice IS a choice.  

Just something to think on during this very blessed time of year (Pretty much October 31 thru February 2nd ~ your choice to BE the light, or not)

LOL!!!  I'd better get on the minutes before the hours over :-) (-:

Happy Holy Days To All ~ and to all a good night ...

Novemebr 29, 2008 - Saturday

Received the six page #10 envelop from Ameri-Tech containing proposed budget (setting ourselves up for failure I believe ... come to the meeting 12/15/08 to hear why) and a couple of votes to ammend our articles and by-laws.

May I say Evie is not pleased?  In six pages - no where is TarponRiverWatch.com listed.  How can this be?  Well maybe I should have asked you may say ... I assure you I did, several times.  Verbally (in person, on the phone, at our board meeting) and in writing (I have several e-mail saying INCLUDE TARPONRIVERWATCH.COM).   ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Any Questions?

November 22, 2008 - Saturday

Well, we have won (for two years at least - and it isn't the war - but only a battle until Wal-Mart no longer owns the land) our battle to keep Wal-Mart from building a SUPERCENTER (sorry lady who said she wanted it) on the Banks of OUR River.

We must stay dilligent and active - know what is going on ... not every one can play all parts, and some can do but one - but what you CAN do ... DO, and what you can't ... don't begrudge others who can :-)  LOL!!!!  Yes We Can  (-:

I've given thought to getting into politics (my political stance - Politics suck ... do what is right ...) ... but I am quite vocal in my views and I'd be asked to be recused all over the place.  My question though is - why being involved in my community makes me ineligible to volunteer for my community ... LOL!!!  Did that make any sense? 

Be the change you wish to see in the world ... Mohandas Gandhi

November 18, 2008 - Tuesday

GREAT meeting last night.  Thank you all for making and then taking the time to attend :-)  YAY!

It looks like several of us will be getting together Saturday December 6th to cut back pepper trees along the river again.  We will also have a pressure washer (or two) available for pressure washing the walls along the entrance (and other areas that need a good pressure washing) ... maybe work on removing more of the spanish moss and vines from the trees along the entrance as well.  Depending how many volunteers we have available to do the work needed will be the amount of work we get done. 

We will be meeting at the playground at 9am. 

After a few hours of work, we will have a bar-b-q, pot luck and Community Building get together :-)

Because of those who volunteer their time for our community, we are able to do SO much more with the amount we pay with our dues ... and it looks like we will have ANOTHER year with NO increase ... WHOOO HOOO (even though personally - I'd rather raise the rates and PAY someone else to do the work ... hmmm - that's what we thought would happen this year (2008) ... expenses in one area to go DOWN, so we COULD pay to have all the work that needs to be done ... DONE, but instead the expense in that one area are pushing THREE TIMES the budgeted amount )-:

WOW - looking through the site I have need of much updates :-(  Today I am working on the *working* minutes from last night.  The minutes approved last night (from Sept.) will then be formatted for the site and posted ... my goal is by early evening today (can I? Yes I can ... it helps to have an agenda :-)  Anyway - while looking through TarponRiverWatch.com I noticed it is getting quite large as well.

Last nights minutes have been sent off for de-Evie speak edits and then I will post them for public consumption ... yum ...

If you find things that need to be addressed please e-mail me at evelyn conner at gmail dot com (I reserve the right to change this any time ;-)

While I may rant and rave (and probably always will) ... I still volunteer to serve on the board (if five others do not ;-) however ... come on my friends and neighbors ... read my writing, should I be helping run this community?  LOL!!!  Considering the alternatives .... yes, yes - I guess I should (-:  May the season beginning that so many wish *Happy Holidays* bring Ebenezer (which means stone of help) good dream ...


November 4th 2008 - Tuesday {{{ VOTE - VOTE - VOTE}}}

PLEASE Vote - No matter your views, no matter WHO you will fill in the bubble for - VOTE!

If you have the RIGHT to vote and you do NOT - then read my blurb about speeders. Just another of Evie's opinions ... I got a million of 'em ;-)

October 19th 2008 - Sunday {Game Day - GO BUCS!!!}

What a wild and wacky month this has been! And once again tomorrow is another meeting ... where does the time go? Any way ... sitting out back working on my newest project ... DeadlyTraffic.com. The Bald Eagle's are beautiful in flight or just sitting in a tree.

September 26, 2008 - Friday 

Got word the next planning and zoning meeting for the Wal-Mart lawyer to continue to posture and preen, is not October 20th (as they said - but if we did - no HOA meeting ... hmmm \:-| ...) but instead October 16th.

I have several "river" sites I will link them somewhere here :-)

Updated the Agenda's and Minutes page. I have the minutes done for the last meeting, but am giving the rest of the board (all two) the weekend before I post the PRELIMINARY WORKING meeting minutes - which will be properly ammended and voted on to be official at our next meeting :-) but I really like having our memberships input ... thank you. So - please, watch for the *PRELIM's* and give feedback :-)

Let's see ... what else? ... OH Yea! Thank you neighbors who have complimented on the improvements in the community ... LOL!!!! It takes a community to build one ... a board is just a board until it is utilized for what it CAN be. BUT - can you imagine what a community could look like with a board that "ran" the community the way the board wished, and not the community ... egads and gad-zooks!!!! Get involved :-)

Budget discussions will occur the next two meetings - please attend to know what affects the amount of our dues and HOW we have been able to keep our dues steady two years in a row.

OH!!!! AND Another thing ;-) Tony - our property manager said there are a lot of violations in the community (many minor - BUT) that some "violators" have said "so whatcha gunna do about it?" ... hello? 'scuze me .... LOL! Did anyone miss the "DEED RESTRICTED" sign at the entrance when they bought their home? To owners who have rented ... you are responsible for your renter. To residents who are renters, have pride in your home.

September 22, 2008 - Monday 

We have a rare second chance to STOP Wal-Mart from building one of their monolithic boxes on our river, the beautiful and vital Anclote River.

PLEASE attend this evening meeting if you are able. I (Evie) will be attending - taking notes (and pictures if possible) and then it is off to blog city ... and then updating my many river websites with the decisions made by our Tarpon Springs officials - and the plans of Wal-Mart to take beautiful, pristine (protected) land and rip it, strip it, and flatten it into shape for their fortunes .... hmmmm .... I am glad I am able to issue *my personal opinion* as a private citizen volunteering my time, energy and resources for the betterment of our community, in so public a forum.

Thank you friends and neighbors for this privilege :-)

Reminder - February 2009 will be our annual meeting ... during this meeting we elect our Board of Directors for the new year.

Pete (my dear husband) has said he will spell me this year, and *run for the board* YAY!!! Not to insinuate he is a shoe-in for the board ... LOL!!! ... it's just that we have to look each person attending the annual meeting in the eye, to try and will (at least) three (up to five) volunteers to be willing to be the target for unhappy people :-( LOL!!! and I kid ... or maybe not ... when was the last time you attended a meeting? Why? They are a lot of fun ... really ... ;-)

And seriously ... if anyone would like to take over the meeting minute taking ... WHOOOO HOOOO ... uh, I mean ... well, read my writing .... LOL!!! You'll go WHOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO too :-) Plus - being a *Polly Anna* type personality :-P I hear what I want to hear, and not the rest ...

2009 is going to be fine ;-)

September 18,2008 - Thursday 

Edit meeting minute notes from 08/18/08 - change Northern *Light* to Northern Tool & Equipment.  I will be out of commission for about the next three of four days.  But once back - I will post Working Prelim Meeting Minutes. 

HEY!!!  How about a working community day followed by a pot-luck?  Let's BUILD community :-)  If interested, please e-mail TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com ... be patient as I am it for the answerer :-) 

September 5,2008 - Friday 

Main page lay-out update about the planning and zoning meeting on the 22nd of the month. 

PLEASE, if you can attend - please do.  Once the box is built is too late. 

August 20, 2008 - Wednesday 

Update main page with next months meeting date and add the following information. 

Wal-Mart still has plans to build their Supercenter on the banks of the Anclote.  After a long, hard fought battle concerned citizens forced Wal-Mart to bring their plans back to Tarpon Springs Planning and Zoning board and the City Commission for new hearings. 

While these plans contain major changes from the original site plans approved back in January 2005 (WHY were they approved? but that may be a different issue), the changes do not substantially reduce the impacts of the store - in fact, some of them make things worse!  

However SWFWMD is very happy with Wal-Mart doing what they plan. (???????????) 

For everyone who was disappointed (concerned? upset? enraged?) by the City's original approval of Wal-Mart more than three years ago, this is our second chance to stop the store.  We will NOT get a third (at least don't count on it)  MAKE OUR VOICE HEARD! 

WHAT: Tarpon Springs Planning & Zoning Board and City Commission Hearings on New Wal-Mart Supercenter Plans (the plans on the City's website show the exact same plans as the ones from January 2008) 

WHEN: September 22, 2008 at 7pm (Planning & Zoning) & October 21, 2008 at 6:30pm (City Commission) 

WHERE: Tarpon Springs City Hall 

WHY: RAREsecond chance for us (We The People) to keep Wal-Mart from building a Supercenter on the banks of the Anclote River, and destroying Tarpon Springs. 

PLEASE!!!  if you care, be there!

Reminders and additional information will follow closer to the dates. 

SWFWMD Contact Paul Yosler (813) 985-7481 x 2046


Added the agenda and meeting minutes (to be accepted at the next meeting - if no changes needed)

General clean-up of the site ... OH!!!! Added the home for sale test page ... let's see if it helps :-)

August 18, 2008 (Monday)

Update main page ... August meeting tonight.

July 11, 2008 (Friday)

Updated main page - No meeting in July. Bill is out of town and we only have three board members :-(

I also added the information for Paul Yosler. He is the contact person for SWFWMD and the *Wal-Mart* project.

June 18, 2008 (Wednesday) 

Monday evening was our June meeting. I hope to have interim minutes posted by June 23(ish). Our daughter is marrying her mate on the 28th, so ... Today, I cleaned up the landing page of the site.

June 10, 2008 (Tuesday)

I updated my software and am trying to learn all the new ins and outs :-( man technology is great ... but )-:

As some may have noticed - we have a couple of trash cans at the playground ... PLEASE use them ... should one go at the dock? I say yes, what about you?

If I seem a bit "out of it" we are recouperating from a HUGE road trip for our youngest child's graduation from Army Basic Training and then taking him on a MINIMAL STOPS (we had 12 hours ... Ft. Jackson to Ft. Eustis) to his technical school.

During the next few days:

I will start measuring the circle in the intersection of RiverEdge and RiverWatch. I don't know about any one else, but I am concerned.

NOTE: I know at least two neighbor's have probably not even seen it as he and she (are you the same household?) blow through the stop sign at 40 or 50 MPH ... are you the ones I keep getting e-mails about? Are you the one I am waiting to get video proof, so our civil servants will DO something? ... PLEASE friends that let me know when you see them - there is NOTHING I can do as a member of the board - but as a citizen and member of our community HEAR ME ROAR ... SLOW DOWN IDIOT!!! I will do what ever I can to get your license removed ... not that I think that would make a difference, but then maybe I can see what power we have as a community to get you OUT of here. I am Evie the evil Evelyn and I carry a camera with video capability. I am now watching for you. LOL!!! but I bet you don't even know what this Internet thing is - huh?

If I seem upset about this - great - because I am - very much so. Drivers who drive as you do NOT need the privilege to drive.





~Suspicious Activity~

If you see something,
SAY something!

Call 911

Keep your vehicles & home LOCKED!

Don't be an"Easy Mark"

Tarpon Springs NON-Emergency
911 Info