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2015 BOD Members

Ed Zisman: President 727-939-2755
Mark Reisner: Vice President
Bill Pantoni: Treasurer
Frank Hudak: Director
Mark Reisner Secretary  (also still doing notes & website) 727-455-9100 ~     (please feedback here)

A community can only be as good as the neighbors in it.  Be awesome neighbors.

Property Manager:

Monarch Property Manager: Sue Marino  

RiverWatch BOD Meetings

RIVERWATCH Homeowners Association Board of Directors (BOD) meetings are usually held the third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Tarpon Springs Community Center (400 S. Walton in Tarpon Springs), unless otherwise noted on the agenda posting.

Community Activism

Would you like to assist your community to be the best it can be? To be the place you love to live? To be the place people look forward to moving to ... when there becomes an opportunity to do so ... ?

Lot's of things one can do ... ideas, ideas, ideas ... just to get the ball rolling ...

Architectural Review Committee – Richard C, Jerry W, Sharon VW, Margaret.  We should have a central address for these to go through ... how about   and  ~ thank you :-)

Would you like to be on the committee who oversees what gets approved to be done in our community (part of the goodness of a deed restricted neighborhood, you know what to expect the neighborhood to look like :-)

Fining Committee - Rosemary, Pat, and new member (need name) - the committee to help assure violators take violations seriously.

Nominating Committee -This committee ensures we have enough people to be able to have a vote :-) And those running the community aren't all self nominated ;-)

Communications – Property Manager, Board Members, bulletin board, website ... hmmm ... How about a blog? Having communications that only a few know is no communication at all :-( SO - you know something that should be communicated quickly to all members ... let's get it out there ~I love the Internet~ How about the RiverWatch facebook page?

Emergency Preparedness – 1st Line of defense ... If I am able ... I commit to updating the website with what I know, if I know ... so if something comes up the neighborhood needs to know NOW!!! Call Me.

Maintenance – who ya gunna call? Not me - Start with Property Manager. Sue ~ what contact info do you want?

Safety and Security – Neighborhood watch anyone? RiverWatch Crime Watch Director is Maria.  She can be reached at   

Beautification Committee - Do you walk the neighborhood frequently?  Do you have ideas for what could make our communal property look better?  Do you see violations of our deed restrictions that are not being addressed?  Do you want to see and work toward a beautiful community?  This is the place for you.

Recreation – Hey, this can be the umbrella of the Social and Youth ... yea, that's it ...

  • Social – Morning coffee? Walkers? Bikers? (everyone knows the Pinellas Trail starts just down the road?)
  • Youth Activities – Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sports, Hangin-out ... entrepreneurship ... that sounds fun!

Behind the scenes - website: forum (many different categories you could pursue) more stuff than can be listed can be done with the technology we have available (if we have the skills to do it :-)

Please volunteer your time and help improve our community!

If all one is able to do is complain (I was going to use a different word, but there are so many different words to choose from, I felt it safest to use *complain*)

...if all one is able to do is complain...

but not share it with those who can/will do something about it, the complainer JUST wants to complain and I'm not much into that :-( sooooo complaining ok - BUT only if done to get something DONE about it :-)



~Suspicious Activity~

If you see something,
SAY something!

Call 911

Keep your vehicles & home LOCKED!

Don't be an"Easy Mark"

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