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This page is a running list of the main things to be looked at while driving through the neighborhood each month.  You may get a letter for some "other kind" of violation, but the thing we are looking at for all this month is "this" ... if the following month "that" has not been "taken care of" you WILL get a letter.

PLEASE do not say "I wasn't warned"  :-)  YAY!!!

February 2008

During the ride thru our community, it was noted MOST of us need to address our mailboxes.
Is your mailbox or post in need of cleaning?  Maybe paint?  Are your numbers straight?  Are they missing?  Is your mailbox visible?
YIKES!!!  If we sent a letter to everyone who really needs to address just the mailbox ... well ... let's just pretend we ALL got a letter.

In this Letter:

  • Mailbox: must be cleaned, painted, and must be visible
  • Trash Cans: must be in the garage (hidden from view) NOT in the driveway
  • Garage doors: yes they are expensive, the crinkled ones still need to be replaced or repaired.

Added August 30th 2009

  • Rust Stains: pain in the rear to clean, but clean you must. There are filters that can be installed on your well to keep further rust issues from occurring (this may be in the covenants as a well necessary part - put on list of to do's)
  • Sidewalk mold:  No that isn't the color of the sidewalk
  • Yards: trimmed, edged, weed free, and when not in drought, green.

Project, Progress, Plan Information can be sent to:

Tony ttoscano@ameritechmail.com or Evelyn TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com



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