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Note to those who give feedback :-) ~Thank You~

Thank you for the MOST Excellent feedback on the site YAY!!!  If you feel so called to help out, give ideas ... whatever, YAY!!! If not ... YAY!!!  It is what it is and in ALL things there is a

Thank You :-)

Now - to those whose feedback is "your website sucks" and that's it .... LOL!!!!!!!!! Well :-P :-)


As of the June 2015 meeting, those who do not like how I've done this website, now want to spend OUR money to PAY someone to create something THEY say "no one uses"  Good Job.  I HOPE those who READ this website, will attend the meeting in July.  If you can't attend, send your feedback to Evelyn AND Sue.

I look forward to the challange :-)  ARE My Web Skills better than a "professionals" 

Left side, right side, yes or no, help or get out of the way .... otherwise you end up squished like a grape :-) and when done well - you have a wonderful food or drink ... when done wrongly nothing but waste :-(

Your choice ... my choice ...

Everyone SEES what I choose - you say it sucks :-)

I say to you thank you!!! 

I'm having a snack of the Gods at the moment ... ~squish~ ;-)

OK now - enough fun ... or maybe it isn't :-)

Isn't this stupid stuff better to be dealing with than people walking into some place and blowing others away over really stupid stuff? 

... shoot ... oops - wrong word :-| That IS what we were discussing now wasn't it?

Now - as for the FACTS of the issue at hand - only the courts and lawyers know all the facts. 

Listen to the papers, news, blogs, or me, Listen to who the freak ever ;-)
It IS what IT IS !!! 

Those who are where they are (including me) know why they are, even though we still shake our head

Target On (I wrote a blog about this the day before the article, right after the reporter called :-)

Enough Said ~ Period ... Now Sir who ... whatever ... may you be well in your choices as well as any who read this ~ Evelyn