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RiverWatch Services Needed

I am working to find a way in building a tool that will work best for our community. I was approached by one member of RiverWatch who has skills our community pays others to do.

Is it better to utilize community members first (keeping the money close to the community ~ I have heard the amount of $1 to $6 ~ for every $1 spent in a community, it yields the equivalent of $6 ... I may be wrong ... that is just what came to mind while typing this .... let me know if you have facts :-)

Community Needs

Landscaping - Currently done by community member's company.

Handyman - weekly trash pick-up in the common area's and noting work that needs to be done (accomplishing small tasks as needed - submit estimate for larger jobs) - Currently done by a hired individual

Lakes - Taking care of our lakes, we use Lake Doctor's

Pest Control - We have an issue with ants :-( anyone in the pest control business :-)

Individual Member Needs

A community member is in need of the following assistance: 

Replace Broken Window

Garage Door



I will be working this area ... if you have suggestions, ideas, talents or needs - let me know and we can get to work putting issues and solutions together.

If you have a contractor or someone you have worked with and they are GREAT - send me their name - phone number - what it is they do and I will list them here.