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  • The year before we moved to Florida, between hurricanes we came for a visit to see - is this where we wanted to retire. During our visit we drove down a beautiful street in the center of a town - I said "If we move to Florida, I want to live here" I did not know at the time "here" is Tarpon Springs.
  • Contact Information for the COMMUNITY of Riverwatch in Tarpon Springs Florida Property Management Board of Directors
  • Friends of the Anclote River - The Concerned Citizens of Tarpon Springs/ Friends of the Anclote River is a non-partisan group of citizens who have joined together to focus on selected local issues and use their collective voice and actions to help preserve the unique identity, small town character and cultural heritage of their community by ensuring future development adheres to these goals while providing adequate protection for the environment, natural resources and wildlife. The organization was started by a group of citizens who were dedicated to preserving the health and environmental beauty of the Anclote River by minimizing and limiting new development and all sources of pollution to the river while protecting the fish and wildlife that inhabit it.
  • Links to Tarpon Springs Police Department and MORE
  • Useful websites for Pinellas County
  • Real Time traffic helps you steer clear of the congestion. Using an alert system you can map out your route before you hop in the car and get alerts when you're on the go so you don't get stuck in traffic jams. Gosh I hate when links change. But this is a tool I like.
  • Tarpon Springs Police Department. Everything you need to know about and for the Tarpon Springs police Department can be found on this link.
  • From http://www.psywarrior.com/sog.html What is black propaganda? The term black propaganda is reserved for those materials planted by the United States but in such as way that it seems to be the product or even an internal document of the target group. In other words, "black propaganda" is nothing less than a form of intellectual and political subversion. Its purpose is to attribute actions to a source, other than the true one.
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  • About RiverWatch Homes and Community. RiverWatch has 159 homes. Of which they were once all beautiful, loved and lived in. In recent years RiverWatch saw a bit of a decline, but through community and ADHERENCE of our covenants, and deed restrictions. If something is not right, we work to change things to make it so, AS a Community.
  • Homes for Sale in RiverWatch in the town of Tarpon Springs in the state of Florida, on the Anclote River
  • This page will eventually contain links to things such as how to's, lawn, boats, fishing, pics of the community, classified section, whatever the community wants ... maybe a forum? Calendar of events ~ talking with the Calendar of Projects ... (We don't want someone planning their child's birthday at the park, on the same weekend we are planning on ripping it down!!! How about two large groups planning on using the same area at the same same time ???) Time for our community to come together, have some fun, good food, great brainstorming, sharing of resources, and begin the process of making this community THE Community of Pinellas/Pasco counties. The only limits are those you say "eh, you can't do that" ... LOL!!! I guess you can't ;-) YAY!!!! Someone Please stop me :-) (-: and other community STUFF.
  • RiverWatch Speeders and Stop Sign Runners Report violations to (727) 938-2849 ~ this is Tarpon Springs Police non emergency number. If someone has been hurt - call 911 When reporting, you will need as much information as possible (carrying pad & pen, or recording device ... ok, so maybe I'm a little over the top here :-) Location Color Time (if reported later) License Plate # (or as much as you can get ... very important) Make / Model of vehicle Description of the Driver Just to name a few off the top of my head :-)
  • Tarpon Springs Riverwatch Community dock pictures - Private dock for the riverweatch community.
  • What are those HUGE BIG Black Birds
  • Community Refferals ~ Is there a vendor you like? One you don't? Please send us the info at TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com - Subject: Community Refferal. Ideas such as: Lawn Care Plumbers Home Cleaners Handi-(wo)Man Accountants Consultants What else would YOU like to see? Stores Grocery Publix Department K-Mart Big Lots Etc.
  • Twice a year (coinciding with the fall and spring clean-up) our community hosts a community wide garage / yard sale.
  • For many, a lush, green lawn is a symbol of proud homeownership as well as a pleasant place on which to relax or play. Lawns, however, require a lot of water--water which, depending where you live, may be in short supply.
  • This page is a running list of the main things to be looked at when driving through the neighborhood each month. You may get a letter for some "other kind" of violation, but the thing we are looking at for all is "this" ... if the following month "that" has not been "taken care of" you WILL get a letter. PLEASE do not say "I wasn't warned" :-) YAY!!!
  • Tarpon Springs Florida HARD FREEZE WARNING - december 13 2010 and december 14 2010
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  • On January 18-19, 2004 in a twelve hour City Commission meeting the City of Tarpon Springs, despite the opposition from the largest citizen’s turnout in the history of Tampa Bay, voted in favor of the proposal by Wal-Mart to build a super center on the banks of the Anclote River. This meeting was attended by over 400 citizens who feel this development is unnecessary and will have a negative impact on the Anclote river, the small town businesses, the small town ambiance, and history of this Greek community which attracts tourists daily.
  • The games people play at RiverWatch in Tarpon Springs



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