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We have an issue with a few who disregard safety in our community. The only way to combat this is to report it. And report it - again, and again, and again, and again ... and ... it seems the link and the IN YOUR FACE needs to be happening again ~ or is it that I haven't gotten out much lately?

Speeders & STOP Sign Runners

~ This is for YOU ~

We got the "Official" speed limit reduced from 30 to 25 ~ in which I feel it is still "too fast" in ALL areas - and AROUND Twists and turns absolutely ASININE to be going 35+ MPH !!!


1. foolish or unintelligent; stupid: It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can act in such an asinine manner.

2. Of or like an ass.

This is the opinion of me, the one creating and maintaining this website. Only an IDIOT would drive the way some of our neighbors drive in their home. NOTE: If you wonder if I just called you an idiot ... if you speed in our neighborhood and/or do not "stop" at STOP signs (ESPECIALLY when you see people walking) you DO fit the category of who I am talking to ... so yes, I did.

If we have need of speed bumps / humps, then so be it ... SLOW DOWN!!!  Oh, and the red sign with the letters S - T - O - P ... that means STOP ... it's not that hard of a word, try to sound it out. My three year old granddaughter knows what it is. I also explain that even though it means cars are SUPPOSED to STOP - there are MEAN people who drive and the MEAN drivers don't stop at them. 

Just after turning 13 years old I witnessed a four year old little boy get HIT by a car going about 25 MPH - he was reduced back to infancy in that he had to RE-LEARN EVERYTHING ... the last I heard, it was not expected he would ever gain more than an eight year old does in understanding the world around him. 

Twenty years later my eight year old was hit by a car while he road his bike ... the car was going about 25 MPH.

Number to call (727) 938-2849

This is the non-emergency number. Hopefully, every time you call it won't be because the "driver" hit some one, or ... worse ....... ~*~

When reporting, you will need as much information as possible (carrying pad & pen, or recording device ... ok, so maybe I'm a little over the top here ... but I will have mine as often as possible :-)

  • Location
  • Color
  • Time (if reported later)
  • License Plate # (or as much as you can get ... very important)
  • Make / Model of vehicle
  • Description of the Driver
  • Just to name a few off the top of my head :-)

Just as an FYI ~ I heard of one of our residents who does NOT stop at our STOP signs, fell out of his vehicle on US 19 ... hmmm ... maybe he should buckle up as well as follow a few other simple rules ... hmmmm ... please be safe.



~Suspicious Activity~

If you see something,
SAY something!

Call 911

Keep your vehicles & home LOCKED!

Don't be an"Easy Mark"

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