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To DO List


No.  Task Remarks Action For
1 Accounting - Dock key revenue Determine how much Dock Key DEPOSITS (which are a liability) has been added to the Other Income Revenue account … Our "Revenue" is not what it appears. Ev/PMS
2 Accounting - Electrical charges for Sanitary Pump  Should RW pay for electric for sanitary pump?  Is this not included in individual HO sewer bill - Is RiverWatch as a community paying twice? PMS
3 Community - Sidewalk grinding/leveling.   Not sure we can do anything about the poor appearance of the sidewalk repair.  Some area's need attention.   This is per who?  Some of the areas that were ground down could be pretty close to the ground below.  What then? Awaiting PMS
4 Community - Walk thru Board member(s) and New Management Company. Board members to do a walk thru with Sue Ev / Kathleen
5 Community - Yard Depression Ed said not a concern  
6 Entrance - Repair Wall  We have an estimate for $7,500 or so to replace the wall.  A better way would be to convince the owner of the property to place fill against the wall (he has fill and front loader) and than repair the wall, also the debris at the base of the wall needs to be removed and the foundation repaired from the erosion that has occurred in this area.  Due to the raised elevation on the south side of thewall. PMS
7 Entrance - Replace metal rails in fence This work should be rebid - preferably with aluminum if it is cost efficient and can withstand what it is meant to in this area. PMS
8 Landscaping - Florida Friendly Grasses Contact Maria sent Florida Friendly Contact person Doris Heitzmann (727) 582-2422 ~ will contact to have her present at our next board meeting.  I will also post links and such on the website. Evelyn
9 Landscaping - Jacaranda tree  Ask Nik to shore up the leaning tree.  It appears this has been addressed. Evelyn contact NIK'S / PMS
10 Landscaping - Nik mowing  Add to mowing the front and backyards for 1932 AV and 1916 AV and 1773 RW Evelyn contact NIK'S / PMS
11 Landscaping - Remove Tree  Nik to remove dead tree - WHAT dead tree?  I think this is the tree pointed out by Maria ... Evelyn contact NIK'S / PMS
12 Landscaping - Sprinklers  Ask Nik to aim sprinklers in front of subdivision - Evelyn will get with Tina and see if Nik's will address the sprinklers - if I recall properly, Nik's wanted $250 more a month for sprinkler maintance and the board said no. Evelyn contact NIK'S / PMS
13 Violation -  no lawn for months HO not cooperating The board needs to determine how the Florida Friendly Grass law impacts our bylaws.  Need a position letter from Attorney.   See also #8  BUT REGARDLESS if there is no POSITIVE progress the fine MUST stand November - they will have had a YEAR. EZ
14 Violation - Sawgrass house w/ basket ball Ask HO to remove from view. Awaiting PMS



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