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Do you have a business, service, product or ability you want to tell the world about?  (Cost: Pay it forward (PIF)

As a majority of board members are looking for Professional, web presence possibilities.  Thank FULL I am, I claimed THIS as mine.  Anyway.  I still put this forth for community members.  What can I do to assist?

Let ME KNOW - do you read TarponRiverWatch.com ... does this site make a differnce? e-mail me at    

You don't need to be a Website Creator, Internet Marketer, or know anything about webhosting ... and you don't need to learn - all you need is a desire to share what you have to offer. 

For instance ... do you love to sew?  Do you provide child care?  Do you need child care?  What do you *do* that you would like to make available to members of the community (all terms and conditions to be determined by parties involved) 

Send a message to Evelyn @    an email and include the following information:

subject line:  RiverWatch - WEBSITE/Marketing information (Give as much or as little as you feel comfortable with)

Contact Name:

Business Name (if none - enter none)

Phone Number:


Business, service, product, ability:

E-mail address:

Website (if you have one)

Whatever other information you would like to add.




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