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Riverwatch Community To Do List

Started January 2010 - Last Updated 3/07/10





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a Get a workable wip (Work in Progress/Process) list up on TarponRiverWatch Evie ASAP - TBD What is needed? How do we want to see the information?



Gather info

(See red notes for suggestions - email Subject: RIVERWATCH WIP LIST IDEAS)

1 Architectural Issue - #1 Community  No more will be approved unless documents are changed. Document Change IF warrented by members Nov 2009 Feb 2010

Circular driveways (or - bricking in one's front yard).

If more are wished to be installed our documents MUST be changed to allow them.

2 Architectural Issue - #2 Tony Submitted to city To be discussed at our next monthly meeting Dec 2009 Feb 2010 Cutting down trees in Tarpon Springs is VERY serious business and MUST have a permit - even if done in ones own backyard not even visible from a public area.
3 Poles in the emergency access lane from Riverwatch to Anclote Vista Tony done Repaired and have been adjusted to keep kids from ripping them out again :-( Jan 2010 Feb 2010 Repair posts so emergency vehicles have access between Riverwatch and Anclote Vista if there were no other way around.
4 Riverwatch Violations Tony - email to the board ASAP Receive violations 2009 March 2010 The weekly spreadsheet the board is supposed to get.
5 Benches by Playground Pond Tony - Handyman done where are we in the process? 2009 Feb 2010 Completed
6 Power washing north wall (bordering Pine Crest in Pasco) Tony done done 2009 Feb 2010 .
7 Matt King is running for Mayor Everyone interested in Riverwatch and / or just the preservation of Tarpon Springs March 9th Get the word out. . 3/7/10

Matt King is an opponent of Wal-Mart building one of their SuperCenters on the south bank of the Anclote River.

Matt King's opponent David Archie is for Wal-Mart.

Why does this matter? DeadlyTraffic


Rules and procedures for boat launch and dock area All home owners of Riverwatch - esp ones with boats! ASAP Awaiting enough people to come forward to work on what works best for most :-) 2009 March 2010 This IS an issue every year as the weather turns warm.
9 Boats possibly docked or moored illegally Tony . To be discussed 2/16/10 2009 Feb 2010 According to Tony - river side residents may park two small craft - even if they have no dock and do not displace water (?)
10 EIN number and mailing address for Riverwatch Tony send to Evelyn Completed at monthly meeting 1/19/10 Tony send Evelyn EIN number and mailing address to be used for RiverWatch Dec 2009 Feb 2010 Given to Evelyn verbally at monthly meeting.
11 Ads placed on TarponRiverWatch.com Evelyn Completed Completed Dec 2009 3/7/10 Please do NOT click links you are not interested in. 



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